May 19, 2007

Zero and HFC concert at Razz

Wow, things are happening so fast that I can't believe. 2 days after the unofficial splitting of Shade, another big turning point in our lives. The venue was none other than the alternative rock melting-pot of Mumbai - the Razzberry Rhinoceros.

Today was a Saturday featuring Warren erstwhile guitarist of Zero, giving the generic guitar lessons to crowd. After that there were concerts by my favoritest bands from Mumbai - the Helga's Fun Castle and Zero. HFC featured Jai Row Kavi on the drums after a long time.

You can find me the left most part of the picture in the background. It was a nice show. Apart from the music, I was able to chat up with the pros about my search for a guitarist/singer.

The most important point of the day actually was that E-boi, who joined me at Razz, was totally inspired by the jam and wanted to buy the second-hand drum kit on sale at Razz.

After the show we were thankfully glad to find out that the Juhu hotel had the kit and E-boi decided to buy it. I was going to sponsor the money until E-boi can pay me off.

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