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A COVID-appropriate "forward-able" message

I would like to share a message on the COVID-19 situation in India ( Scroll ). I wrote this for my work colleagues and I thought I should share it with my friends' circles. Someone in one such circle recommended that I publish this and share the link so that people will heed my ( why should you care )* advice. We are all struggling with lockdown fatigue ( APA ) but the fight is far from over. The mutant strains will continue to develop and spread because of the sheer nature of the mechanics of viral replication ( BBC )!  The only sensible way to halt the spread is by ensuring all COVID-appropriate measures ( MOHFW ) (and giving the virus less chance to mutate). This means avoiding unnecessary socialization, mask-wearing, washing hands, physical/social distancing, etc. But that's not the end of this story. All of this has to be done ~100% of the time by ~100% of the population to prevent the virus.  India is in its second gargantuan COVID wave, the vaccination numbers are lo

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