Sep 27, 2006

Shayd, first song and the goatee

Another two weeks have zipped past. So many developments. Yet so little on the blog.


I don't fucking now.

We have christened our band Shayd. We wanted the name Shade but it was already taken up. Then Shayd's first ever song was made. It is not yet titled. It is meant as a background track for a docu-drama produced by one of Xander's friends.

We have a prospective band member. He's a bassist and a guitarist and is of my age and has influences to 80's Pop Rock. But he was a great jam when he and his former band members visited us.

I book my tickets to fly home in early October. Xander is going to Dubai in mid October for his niece's first birthday. Both these meant that our pub gig deal goes down the drain.

I go to watch the practice session of the hottest metal act in India. WOW, it was awesome. The guitarist of the band works in the same company that the E-boy (or S.; our drummer) works in.

Then, I grow a goatee. It is strange but it fits in. I think I look good with that on. Good for me. Great for me in fact.

Bye bye the world. I need to catch up sleep as tomorrow's a busy day at the OT.

Sep 14, 2006

Three weeks underground

I can't exactly explain the disappearance of myself on my blog for the last three weeks. Yeah, I had posted a video of the acoustic performance that has inspired me the most. But still, that doesn't reason why I should not write about a very eventful three weeks.

My hospital life went from bad to worse in the first two weeks of my 'break'. Misunderstanding, mistakes and coincidences led my professional life into total misery. I've gotten over that now. The situation was so grave that I was in tears one day when my registrar shouted at me for asking an apparently 'stupid' question. But I think my life as a resident in this hospital is never going to really be good in the wholesome sense.

Forget that! My personal life, especially that with my bandmates couldn't have been any better. In the first two weekends, we hung out, watched movies, went music gear shopping. It really was eventful; the way bonding develops. The best moment with my band came when we jammed 'Plush' (refer to the video that I have posted earlier) in the guitar shop with me on Ibanez bass and Xander on Yamaha acoustic guitar! Wooo! Goosebumps! It is so exciting!

Jamming at home was good but not great. Especially last weekend when we really screwed up. But things are not looking bad. Especially with the fact that we might sign a deal to make the background music for a docu-drama that Xander's friend is making. That might fetch us some money.

Today we were hit by another big development. We might get to perform live shows in pubs in October - November. If we bag that, we are going to be definitely rich enough to get better gear!

I'm so thrilled!

Sep 6, 2006

Stone Temple Pilots - Plush - Acoustic

This is the coolest acoustic song that has ever been recorded... ever!