Dec 31, 2010

New Year's Eve party

I was in two minds to attend a New Year’s Eve party. I didn’t want to go to the crowded nonsensical GB party and I didn’t have a date to hang out with. Voila, one of my dear friends (who is also a hot Daddy) gives me a ring and invites me over to a BYOB house party. His apartment is very close to where I live and he had promised me that there will be a lot of Daddies out there. He even ensured that I will have a blind date.

So, with all this high expectation, I went to this party dressed up in a tight fitting beige pants (that my friend Shruta gifted me) and the Bodies exhibition T-shirt (that Vinokur had gifted me). I also sprayed myself with the new perfume that the Frenchman had brought. I brought whiskey with me to the party.

At the party, I met friends and past fuck-buddies, some of them I was very surprised to run into. This included the sculptor and the weird older friend that I have who has many “boyfriends.” The guest included LGBT heavy weights such as Ashok Row Kavi, Sridhar Rangayan, and Vivek Anand (Humsafar Trust). The blind date was charming as well and it was a pleasure be with him all throughout the party.

I made it a point to not get too drunk. That helped me enjoy the party better! All in all, a fabulous jump into the new decade!

Happy New Decade everyone!

Dec 30, 2010

Bad Influence

I don’t have a clue how many readers I have in this blog. But at least some have requested me to update them about the situation with the new band, Bad Influence. Well, at the moment that I’m writing it, we have had three rehearsal sessions. Overall, it has been a good experience. But we need to tighten up a little bit more and may be requiring some personnel changes for the same.

We have already started working on our original compositions. Of course, this is what inspired me to get back into songwriting, which I had done last weekend. I hope to do so in the New Year’s weekend too!

Dec 29, 2010

The French Connection - 2

The first date went so well that the Frenchman and I decided to meet up once more before he left for Paris. This time we met up at Churchgate station and went to Marine Drive. After spending some lovely time at the Marine Drive, we went to Pizzeria (Not Just Pizzas By the Bay) and had some nice pasta. Then we headed back for the routine of wine, sex, pipe, and photography. It was another brilliant date. Some pictures of me smoking the pipe have been taken. I’ll post them as soon as I receive them from the Frenchman.

Unfortunately, this will be our last date on this trip. Even though I invited him to the New Year’s eve party that I’m going to be attending, he said it wouldn’t be a good idea for him to party because he’s leaving on the same night. Until next time, bon voyage dear Frenchman!

Dec 28, 2010

Another Jew in the pond is just amazing! Tonight I met the most handsome, funny, charming, intelligent Jew Daddy in the world. He’ll give Vinokur some serious competition. We talked for a bit on the chat room and then on Yahoo. I think he’s simply lovely. If wishes were horses…

Dec 27, 2010

Free me, feed me, kiss me, kill me

You may not be what I had in my mind
You may have come up from behind
You have always been far from being kind
You have always been that, I don’t mind

Feel me inside out, it your only chance
Drown me down and out, it’s a fat chance
Feel my breath, it’s not happenstance, you
Drowned me in your charm, as per plan

Free me, feed me, kiss me, kill me
Free me, feed me, cuss me, kill me

Dec 26, 2010

Writing songs again

Being part of the new band Bad Influence has kick-started my desire to write songs again. I only wish I had a better recording setup at home. This weekend, I spent a lot of time doodling around the guitar, trying to create riffs and hooks. I wrote some lyrics as well, which I will post soon. I’m glad that I have restarted songwriting again. May the force be with me!

Dec 25, 2010

The French connection

I have conquered the French now as well! A handsome, intelligent professor of French literature and I went out for a night out in Mumbai today. A wonderful way to welcome Christmas. I met him at the Barista near Regal cinema. After having a coffee there, we headed to the suburbs by the local train.

We smoked wonderful hooka from a friendly neighborhood gay-friendly hooka place called “Planet Rainbow” and went to Kareem’s to have delicious chicken and mutton biriyani. Then we bought a bottle of wine and headed over to the apartment. I had already gotten in cleaned a neat for the date.

At the apartment we drank wine, smoked pipe, and had wonderful sex. He gifted me a bottle of eu de toilette from Paris!  It was truly a memorable date. I only wish I would such interesting men would be willing to stay in India rather than just visit it. I will upload some pictures soon!

Dec 24, 2010

Secret Santa at Work

Last year this time around, I was drowning in depression. I couldn’t enjoy anything at that time, forget buying gifts for a strange person that I didn’t even know. That’s exactly what Secret Santas are supposed to be, aren’t they.

But this time, things have changed. I’m on therapy and I feel good. That’s the reason why I decided to make this Secret Santa the "bestest" ever. I bought gifts for over 25 people at work, and for most I bought more than one gift. I did this over three days of intense shopping at Bandra Linking Road and Andheri station.

Not only did I make my Secret Child feel blessed, I made others feel loved too. Everyone seemed to have loved my gifts. Of course, I spent quite a lot of money on buying customized gifts for almost everyone. But it was fun and worth the effort and money.

To top it off, I won the “best dressed dude” and my Secret Child won the “best dressed damsel” at the office celebrations! This is what I wore for that! Of course, I have had to blur the face of my office colleague. Forgive me for that. But still, what a Christmas!

Dec 17, 2010

A new band

I'm waiting once more at the jam room. But this time it is different is a different jam room. And it is a different band. In fact, it is the first jam of a newly formed band - a band that could very well prove to be what I have been looking forward to be in all my life.

I reached here much earlier than the time slot that we had booked, and I have some butterflies in my belly. I am trying to spend time listening to the songs that we are supposed to rehearse. But the expectancy is overwhelming. Could this prove to be a memorable day in my life? Let's sit and wait and watch!

(PS: Even though the drummer didn't turn up, we had a good jam session. We went out for drinks afterward and are calling ourselves Bad Influence!)

Dec 16, 2010

The wonderful world of online relationships

It has become a ritual these days. Every evening, after work/rehearsals/gigs, after reaching home, I log on to the internet and to, where I participate in chatting in a chat room - yes, it is so '90s and early 2000s to be in a chat room, I know. There, I meet my friends from all over the world, crack jokes, pull legs, and of course, get better in the act of seduction. and this chat room, where I had met Vinokur in 2007, has once again become the place to meet quality men. Every other day, I stumble on to men with whom I establish varying degrees of friendship. Some last just the length of a casual chat, some go on to other intsant messaging/chat platform, and some meander into furious e-mailing back and forth.

In the past 6 months or so, I have acquired at least 5 such friends, two of whom I have become very close to. One of them, a guy from San Rafael California, has become an integral part of my routine - he's the guy that I wrote about in my blog post about the Federal Government of the United States denying visa to his Indian boyfriend. I need to hear from him daily to know that he's alright and relatively positive about his future.

Another friend that I met there, a professor of French literature from Paris, is visiting Mumbai for Christmas and New Year's. We have already decided on meeting up for at least a couple of dates during the time he's here. I try to keep in touch with daily over Yahoo messenger. He is a poet and sends me across some poems that he has written. I comment on them and he replies to them etc.

And then there are Scots working in Yemen, Canadians retiring from public service, and yankees pretty much doing nothing ,-). I meet such a plethora of interesting, charming men. I like doing this to know more about people from other countries and cultures - it's almost like traveling without spending a rupee. Whatever it is, it is worth the effort!

Dec 13, 2010

Chuck becomes a father again

On the 11th of December 2010, Chuck sent me an SMS announcing him becoming the father of a newborn boy. I was so happy that I had to break my telephobia. I rang him back immediately to congratulate. Because of the appalling network reception at the new office, the conversation could not go on for more than a few seconds. But, the end result, which made both him and I extremely happy, was worth the wait.

Today, on his birthday, I sent him an SMS which said “Happy b’day, double daddy!” He called me back and he asked me I had meant ‘sugar daddy.’ He’s one of the few guys in my old friend circle who realizes what a sugar daddy means. We had a relatively long conversation where we caught up with each other. He hadn’t yet decided on a name but for his son, but the current nickname that is being used is “Appu,” made famous by the Simpsons character of the same name.

Now I can proudly claim to be the uncle of two nieces and one nephew!

Dec 10, 2010

Mumbai winter

The chill is in the air. Not quite a chill I guess, but there is a nip. Yes, it is winter in Mumbai and I am enjoying it. Although, it was heralded by a very bad upper respiratory infection, which is almost under control after a course of antibiotics, I love the fact that it is not warm and sweaty anymore. My apartment, which is always relatively warmer than the outside is a pleasant environment to be in during the next two months or so. No ceiling fans! Ah, what a relief from the creaky noises!

I love winters in Mumbai.

Dec 7, 2010

New office woes

After nearly 2 years of promises, my company has moved into a new office complex. It’s a swanky new office spread across the 10th floor of an office complex which has come up recently.

But my working space is cramped and there is lack of storage space. New rules have come up which prohibit eating and taking naps at your desk. These were integral parts of my office life before.

There is just a small pantry which is always crowded – making coffee, tea, and sandwiches just got a lot more painful. The pantry does not have a sink. On top of it all, the air-conditioning is uneven, and because of the carpentry work which is going on, the place is all dusty.

The most important of it all, however, is our inability to follow the same office culture as in the previous multi-gala office. Each gala had its own culture and we liked that a lot. That is no more.

I think I am being too negative about the new office at the present. I hope I will be able to find good things about the new office soon. Whether I like of dislike the office space, I still love my work and my colleagues!

Dec 5, 2010

Pride lost, experience gained

On Dec 5th, 2010, I realized a dream. I performed at Independence Rock XXV, the biggest and the most iconic rock festival India, which has been called the Woodstock of India. I played alongside rock icons of my generation, the biggest bands, and legends of the music scene. I performed in front of the biggest audience in my life – the final count is up to 6,000, I read somewhere.

There ends the good part of the story, however. I played with the new version of Pralay, founded in the 1990s, which had toured Russia of 6 months then, and which went on to get nominated for a Grammy award in 2003. The difference between the band then and the band now is that, in the past they had a full-time vocalist. After band-member departures, the lead guitarist of the band has taken up charge of the vocals, and as I had already written about, he’s no Dave Mustaine. And I must say, I don’t fancy the vocals of Dave Mustaine.

The audience at Independence Rock had a similar opinion. They booed at us, they threw bottles at us, and they made use leave the stage buried in shame. My friends, each and every one of them, thought that it was a pathetic performance. I had asked them to not judge me on the basis of this performance before hand, but some couldn’t just resist it and had to say “Fuck, why the hell do you play for this band?” I had my one answer – because I wanted to live the dream of playing at I-Rock. The critics didn’t spare us, neither did Twitter users.

From the band’s point of view, Farhad Wadia and Co., who had infamously pushed me out of stage last year when I was covering the event as a photojournalist, denied us a proper soundcheck before the gig, and gave us around 30 minutes to soundcheck and play after the first band Bhayanak Maut had performed. As ironic as it could get, he actually borrowed my acoustic guitar and rehearsed with it backstage. As expected, he didn’t thank me when I went to him to take back my guitar.

At the end of it all, albeit with a loss of pride and self-respect, I managed to perform at I-Rock. This picture will define this moment of my life forever.

*Picture courtesy Suvajeet Dattagupta.