Dec 31, 2010

New Year's Eve party

I was in two minds to attend a New Year’s Eve party. I didn’t want to go to the crowded nonsensical GB party and I didn’t have a date to hang out with. Voila, one of my dear friends (who is also a hot Daddy) gives me a ring and invites me over to a BYOB house party. His apartment is very close to where I live and he had promised me that there will be a lot of Daddies out there. He even ensured that I will have a blind date.

So, with all this high expectation, I went to this party dressed up in a tight fitting beige pants (that my friend Shruta gifted me) and the Bodies exhibition T-shirt (that Vinokur had gifted me). I also sprayed myself with the new perfume that the Frenchman had brought. I brought whiskey with me to the party.

At the party, I met friends and past fuck-buddies, some of them I was very surprised to run into. This included the sculptor and the weird older friend that I have who has many “boyfriends.” The guest included LGBT heavy weights such as Ashok Row Kavi, Sridhar Rangayan, and Vivek Anand (Humsafar Trust). The blind date was charming as well and it was a pleasure be with him all throughout the party.

I made it a point to not get too drunk. That helped me enjoy the party better! All in all, a fabulous jump into the new decade!

Happy New Decade everyone!

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