Dec 13, 2010

Chuck becomes a father again

On the 11th of December 2010, Chuck sent me an SMS announcing him becoming the father of a newborn boy. I was so happy that I had to break my telephobia. I rang him back immediately to congratulate. Because of the appalling network reception at the new office, the conversation could not go on for more than a few seconds. But, the end result, which made both him and I extremely happy, was worth the wait.

Today, on his birthday, I sent him an SMS which said “Happy b’day, double daddy!” He called me back and he asked me I had meant ‘sugar daddy.’ He’s one of the few guys in my old friend circle who realizes what a sugar daddy means. We had a relatively long conversation where we caught up with each other. He hadn’t yet decided on a name but for his son, but the current nickname that is being used is “Appu,” made famous by the Simpsons character of the same name.

Now I can proudly claim to be the uncle of two nieces and one nephew!

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