Aug 18, 2006


Thousands (literally) lay dead on the battleground. Finally the battle was won. The bloodshed had to be seen to be believed.

The battle, though lasting over a year now, had exacerbated since last night. I was almost captivated by a dozen bed bugs. I got so pissed that I couldn't sleep. Today morning, I extracted vengeance. I got the hospital maintenance staff to spray insecticidal spray.

In the afternoon, after the OT, I had come and seen the scene of a life time. I could count about 400 bedbugs around my bed! Staggering! Yes, it is true. Most of them would still spill blood if squeezed.

I cleaned up my room just now. I discarded the mattress which housed most of them. Now, I can sleep in peace.

Aug 17, 2006

Rockstar Supernova

Over the past few weeks, when I go to the apartment to practice, we wind up by watching a couple of shows on Star World. 'The Simpsons' comes first at the 1 AM slot. There is nothing to be described about it. Everyone who's cool thinks that Simpsons are cool. So I'm not going to brag about it.

The show that succeeds is 'Rockstar Supernova'. Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), Jason Newstedt (Metallica) and Gilby Clarke (G 'N R - they three decide to form a band and are searching for a lead singer. And they chose the succesful TV show 'RockStar'. I've watched about 6 episodes and my opinion has been made.

  • I don't understand the need for female contestants. Without any intentions to insult the fairer sex; come on, Supernova needs some vocalist like Scott Weiland. If at all Tommy Lee and Gilby are only interested in the boob/cleavage part of the women, why do they not have sidekicks like they have in wrestling shows?
  • The house band is cool. Sometimes, I feel Supernova won't be that good.
  • Almost all the contestants are hugely talented. But only a minority can even fit into Supernova with the rock-singer voice.
  • The comments of the members of Supernova can be disregarded without second thought as they sound very artificial.

Whatever it is, Rockstar Supernova inspires me every day to learn new songs and to perform like in a rock band.

Aug 14, 2006

My parents

A week before, my sister rang me up and said that my Dad was running fever and was confined to bed. I didn't really bother too much as usual. Yesterday, my father gave me a call and informed me that while he was recovering, though slowly, my Mom had also fallen asleep. My father sounded very depressing. I was finally shaken from my slumber. I didn't know exactly how serious the condition was.

I sent my uncle and Chuck on separate trails to track what the exact situation was like. I got positive reports from both. Both weren't as grave as they sounded over the phone. Just the depressivenes of old age kicking in.

Finally, I rang my folks up yesterday to ask them how they were doing. For about 1 minute and 30 seconds I listened to what they had to say. They attributed their sluggishness in geting back to normal activity to rain, cold weather, old age and what not. Finally I had enough. I asked them to get a sweater and go for a walk when it was dry.

That did it. My father got so pissed that he said. 'Yeah, we'll try. So long. Bye.' And then he hung up of course. The phone conversation ended at 1 minute 41 seconds.

Aug 6, 2006

So busy that

I'm very disappointed with myself not updating the blog. I don't find time. All the time, I sit in front of the computer is spent in checking mail and porn. I can't neglect either. Otherwise, jamming sessions going great this week. Especially today. Reading is lagging behind. I can't find time for it as well. Hospital work is going extremely well.

So long.