Mar 31, 2006

Bad emergency

Today's was a really tiring emergency day. Yesterday night, I could sleep for around an hour only as one of my patient got bad in the early morning hours. I had to stabilize her and to transfer her to a different department. I achieved that by around 11.30 AM. After that, I joined the OPD and then I went to the ward. After finishing my work, I got back to my emrgency department without having lunch.

Therefore, I felt a lot tired. I didn't wash up for the surgeries later on in the night. I managed to sleep for around an hour and half co-ordinating with my houseman.

Tomorrow, I plan to go to get my speakers etc. in the afternoon. Therefore, no sleep then as well.

Mar 30, 2006

Another holiday

Today, for the third day in consecution, the he-bitch spoilt my day. He is so crazy. The craziest part of his craziness is that he doesn't make eye contact when he first me. Instead, like when cats fight with each other, he eyeballs are skewed and focussed in a totally different direction.

I was able to get out of the hospital at around 3.30 pm and since then I'm on the computer trying to get some more reviews about Samsung LCD monitors. I want to badly go for a 17" TFT/LCD monitor. But I don't know if my budget will allow me.

Meanwhile, I'm back to e-mailing with my folks who have apologized to me. It definitely felt odd hearing/reading the apology. But still, I think I deserved it.

Yet another interesting thing is that I'm keeping in touch with the set of friends I earned during the period of the strike. That is a good sign. I hope I can build on such friendships.

Mar 29, 2006

Updates on my friends

Today was a busy day. The he-bitch complicated things further by forcing me to work extra late on a pre-holiday (yes, tomorrow's a holiday!). Another saddening thing that my wards were sickeningly overpopulated. The male ward is about almost double its capacity.

But the bright point is that I was able to catch up with two of my best friends. Dr. R. is enjoying his life, the life which is not involving the hassles of a post-graduation course. He has started his own clinic and whenever I call him, he seems to be occupied with a patient or so.

Chuck is also doing okay. This is despite the troubles with his brother and his wife who are heading for divorce. He is going to become a fucken Dad in about 6 months time. That is almost eerily weird.

May is also doing okay. She has joined a Neonatal ICU in a metro down south and is enjoying here time back with kids.

Now, I'm left with Mr. Lion and Ray. Ray, as you all know, is on a high in cruising. He is also preparing for his exams.

I think I'm going to have to e-mail Mr. Lion and ask how he is.

Mar 28, 2006

The day I got a parking ticket

Today, for the first time after I started my residency, I was able to come fresh for an OPD. Yes, I was able to take a shower just before the afternoon OPD. I felt so fresh that I couldn't believe it. But that came at compromise of a meal. I wasn't able to have my lunch.

Later on in the evening, I grabbed an opportunity to take a look at the Lamington Road again in search of computer monitor options. I was disappointed with the response from all the vendors who said that they cannot show me the monitor in action. In fact, they were not even willing to listen/list the features. Everyone wanted me to do my homework on the internet and come.

Then came the ultimate surprised. When I came back to take my scooter, I came to know that it had been towed away. Yes. This is another first. When I managed to go to the chowky where by bike was, I learnt that I had parked in front of a parking sign which was in front of a gate! What a stupid reason.

I had to reach back early because my he-bitch was exploding everyday.

Mar 27, 2006

Another guy from the hospital

It's been a long time since I posted about 'gay' looking people in real life. I don't know why though, I was reading something on the internet and I just remembered that there is this guy in the hospital who is so gay looking.

This guy is a physiotherapist student and I I suspect I've seen him in one of the GB meetings. In hindsight, that seems like a very attractive profession. You can touch up and fondle up people when you are a physiotherapist. At my native place, there is this physiotherapy student, a friend of my friend, who always keeps on boasting how he gets laid with his clients. Maybe this guy is also getting offers.

Anyway, he is fair, tall, cute and has a great looking spectacles. He is very effeminate in talk as well as gestures. Now, I have made eye contact with him twice. But he has not responded back. Now, don't get confused. I'm not getting attracted to him or anything. It is just that 'I get that you are like me' look.

Mar 26, 2006

My newfound lust

Today morning, I got up reading a message from my senior. He wanted me to come early for rounds. That sounded suspicious. Suspicious of the fact whether he finally came to know that I hung out a lot at the apartment these days. I quickly got ready and reached the hospital.

As usual, Mr. he-bitch came late. But his attitude sort of confirmed my suspicion. He was sort of more aggressive and demanding. No whining suited to the bitchiness that he's known for. But still.

After having wound up everything on my side in the hospital, here I'm figuring out if my lust for LCD/TFT monitors can be substantiated or not. I am still 50 50. But I so want to have a sleek looking LCD monitor in my room where I can read up a lot from the web.

S., my old drum partner, whose family I had issues with once, might be coming to Mumbai to study Audio engineering. That's one good news.

Mar 25, 2006

The break

I was waiting all of the day for the time when I would get free and go to Xander's. As usual, things went wrong at the wrong times in the hospital meaning that I was unable to even find time to take some rest in between.

I'd actually wanted to finish 2 of the three errands businesses that have been remaining pending for some time now. Because of the dearth of time, I'd to choose one. I chose going to the Hutch office and sorting out my bill issues. To my happiest surprise, the last month's bill only amounted to just 970 Rs. That includes all the GPRS browsing that I did. That's just awesome!

Now, 2 things remain. My subwoofer which is for repair and my guitar which is messed up in the issue regarding the validity of the warranty in the electronic parts of the guitar.

Finally, when I got free, I decided to buy some beef fry and Parottas for Xander. He, like me, misses food most after leaving Kerala. On the way I bumped into a computer owner in the hostel and chatted up about my purchase. I did gain some insight on the subject which is taking all of my attention these days.

It was around 10.40 when I reached Xander's. I was surpirsed not to find Perry there; he had become a likeable but predictable company during my latest visits to Xander's place. Even more surprising, two new persons - Sundace a colleague of Xander who is lot into alternative music and M. who was Xander's college mate.

Sundace took me by surprise because of her sex (I'm very not used to hanging out with females), her physique (chubby, lots of boobyland), her likes (Alternative rock from Lifehouse to Collective Soul to John Mayor to Alice in Chains) and cheerfulness.

M. is into movie production and similar stuff. He has this amazing tattoo on his right arm. He is the kind of dumbish person who always laughs. Never sounds or looks serious. He also had this stupidly funny sounding 'My Grandfather in law did this, didn't do this' joke line. I've not heard of that before.

Although we tried jamming, becuase of so many reasons, the main being the fact that Xander wasn't focussed like he normally is, our jam sessions was a drag. Honestly, too many gaps and pauses. I had this feeling that Xander was purposefully doing this to maybe highlight the point that he had stated earlier; that his 'flow in music' was fading away due to the scarcity of my visits and jam sessions.

But the most fun part was that the jokes and sarcasm in the weird conversation that we all had till we slept. I enjoyed that a lot!

Mar 24, 2006

Explicit content - The ultimate cruising experience - Ray is the master

Yesterday, I heard the most daring bizarre cruising episode that Ray ever indulged in. I didn't detail because until the whole thing grew up on me. Without further ado..

Ray was coming back to my hometown from his home in a public bus. The time was around 2 pm to 4 pm. He jacked off an fiftyish guy in the packed bus in the presence of almost all of his family - his wife, son, daughter in law etc.


I couldn't believe he pulled it off. I mean, how daring. Much like the gay version of 'Who Dares Wins'. And I felt like I'm the biggest loser in this world without even having one cruising experience.

Honestly, I can't still imagine the expert craftsmanship that he has for this. I can't detail it of course. But still!

Ray is so awesome!

Mar 23, 2006

Computer plans

In the afternoon off tha I got, I went to the bank and applied for my new debit card. Then, I talked about taking a personal loan for my PC. They said they will get back to me regarding that.

My speaker which is given for service and the guitar which is given for repair are both not done yet. So my visit to South Mumbai was wasted. Now I'm sitting here typing in all the updates.

In between, I met Ray online. I'm very happy about that. He half-briefed me about another jack-off in the bus. I'm so waiting for him to detail it to me on the phone.

This Sunday's Xander's birthday. I hope I can celebrate in a big way. I've already almost totally made up my mind about not going home for the leave that I'm getting. Instead, I plan to hang out with Xander, chill and maybe take a PC.

By the way, Jerry's birthday is also coming up coming Thursday!

Mar 22, 2006

The spat

I don't know how to explain how badly I want to go back home. I want to hang out like how I used to for one last time before Ray finishes his studies and goes home. Besides I want a break. I had taken the opportunity to ask my lecturer about a leave next month. He denied it at first citing the strike as a reason.

But persistence from my side made me him grant a 4 day leave. I asked about air tickets and it would cost around 10 grand for me to make it to and fro. I'm thinking about it for the last week or so.

I asked my sister and she said that it is not a good idea just because there is a family function coming up on the weekend where I'm going and it'll mess up my plans with my friends.

When I called up folks tonite, I heard the same bad things that I hate to hear. My Mom repeatedly said that I'm selfish, that I don't maintain contacts and I took all the wrong decisions in my life. They wanted me to not come home and work out my issues with the debit card/bank account/licence etc.

I got so pissed tha I hung up on them. Later I had a talk with my sister who asked me to not be too childish. But I can't help it. I wanted to get away from home so that things will remain okay between me and my folks. Nothing. Everything's the same. The same dirty truth.

Now I'm thinking of flying to my home town and staying with my friends without even letting know my folks that I'm around. That's crazy. But that's how bad I feel.

Mar 21, 2006

Am I back with my sister?

These days, I don't know why or how... but I'm talking regularly on the phone with my sister. Last two days, we talked over 20 minutes. That's almost like crazy.

Flash to the past - I used be big time friends with my sister. In fact she was my only best friend since childhood. I and she shared a friendship that I thought would last forever. When she went to Chenai for her job, the relationship didn't lose its charm. But when she got married, things changed. She had more responsibilities. She had her husband as her best friend.

Besides, the way things were going on in her post-marital life was unacceptable to me. I tried to do my best. But then, I myself decided to gradually cut out on my closeness. That was the time when I met Mr. Lion around 2 years back.

Now, she's getting to me. We are discussing more about each other. Maybe because her incorrigible in-laws aren't there. She gets freedom and time to talk.

So maybe, we are getting it back.

Mar 20, 2006


We are again back to full-fledged OT days. This means that we don't get time to think about anything else. Therefore, my plans to give a complaint to the police didn't work out. Despite the fact that I'm short of money, there is a longing to own a PC with internet in the privacy of my room. Therfore, I'm thinking seriously about it.

Mar 19, 2006

Great day

Today, we did a great emergency. Much less patients than the day before. Everything went to plan. Our registrars allowed us to take a nap as well before tomorrow's OT. Finally, the unit felt good.

Mar 18, 2006

Random musings - 11.15 pm

As I relax sipping tea and munching on a bun mark

Random musings - 11.15 pm

As I sat sipping tea and munching a bun maska, I keenly observe the two elderly servants doing their night shift duties. One regularly makes tea for me. The other one is a hot dad with pristine facial features and a totally seductive smile. He was cleaning a rack with large bottles of medications. A bottle cap falls down as I stare at him dreaming about some action. I call out 'Munshiji, something fell down'. A boisterous laugh featuring the wonderfully trimmed mustache vibrating ensues and he says 'Sahibji, I'll put it back up'. My emotions run high and I mutter under my breath 'Sexy bastard'. Then I picture me making out with him in the elevator. And then, my colleague calls me and reminds me to finish up the work early.

Post emerg grogginess

Today, I feel groggy now as I'm typing this. The damage control has been completed. I've ordered for a new card. I have withdrawn money and bought a wallet and a cute 'Jaipur touchstone' key/letter hanger for my room.

Now I have to go back to ward and finish things off before its too late. I might try to lodge a police complaint as well.

I would like to carry on with my apparent feeling of being 'in control'. I think that when you are satisfied with yourself, you look much better... handsome... or beautiful depending on who and what we are. I was complimented on my looks by 3 - 4 unrelated persons yesterday and the day before.

That felt good!

Now, I'm hoping that tomorrow, another 24 hour day and the busy busy next week will be easy on me and let me sort of 'recover' from my new lack of self-assurance.

Mar 17, 2006

An oh so near perfect day

Yesterday night, I had gone to the room thinking that the strike had just made my life turn the corner leading itself into more self-assurance and in-control feel from the desparate aimlessness my life was meandering with. To confirm my feelings, I took a shower and went down to eat my dinner while I listened to music and read a 'mini-novel' "Eat Cake". Actually, I'd started the novel during the strike.

Today morning, things went SO to plan that I thought I was in firm control of my life. I got up early enough to read the newspapers. Then I went and at a lovely 'naadan' (meaning something from your home) breakfast at the new Mallu restaurant. I reached in time for the OPD. That too, much earlier than the others.

The confidence filtered into my interaction with the patients as well. I noticed that I was not paying too much attention for elderly male patients as well. Then, after the OPD, I decided to take a chance and eat another 'naadan' meal - a full blown lunch with rice, fish, beef et al.

That too went so well that, I got back to my emergency 10 minutes early and could find time to change to scrubs before my duty time. That was just plain awesome!

But then, I realized that nothing's perfect. Not even myself. Or my life.

While I was changing, I realized that my wallet was missing. Because of the reassured phase, I didn't panic. I thought I had left it in my room where I had gone to freshen up after the meal when I had last used my wallet. I sent my colleague to check it up. He returned around an hour back with the sad news. It was actually missing.

I decided to go and search myself. I took a brief time-out and went to my room, then to my hotel and then back. It was not to be found. Finally, I felt bad. When I realize that I have been pickpocketed from my jeans pant, I should feel bad. Right?

Anyways, I informed my sister. I got the cards blocked (alas, I lost two Debit cards). But the worst thing was the driving licence. I had lost the new one issued hardly 3 months back before which, my wallet was stolen from inside the hospital.

Although I recovered, I still feel that I was slightly careless to not pick someone pickpocketing. I'll have to set aside the fiancial (around 2K) and mental trauma and get on with it.

I actually did that and worked well in emgrgency. I sincerely hope to never lose a wallet in the future. Never!

Mar 16, 2006

Back in the grind

Finally, the 'holiday' ended for me and my unit. We had our first full-fledged working day today. I spent almost the whole of the day in the operation theatre. But I was not exactly operating (or assistintg). I was just co-ordinating so that everything went on smoothly.

This is the paradox with the houseman's life. You are supposed to be attentive and interested in surgeries. But you don't get adequate opportunity to do it. You have to make sure that you stay around to get others' work go smoothly. But life's like that. Just face it!

This new found book thing kept myself busy in the time I got in between. I am reading a simple orthopaedic manual by an English author Ronald McRae. The simplistic diagrams that define McRae's style keep things interesting.

In between, I got some goody time with servants. I had some casual 'physical contact'. Such instances gave me a big dose of chemical romance; I didn't mean to use that phrase... But I love the eerie sounding song by 'My Chemical Romance' called 'The Ghost of You'.

This realized me how deprived I was. I am more aroused by such 'touches' than pornographic pictures. Wow!

Mar 15, 2006


Despite the fact that I have never been in North India during holy time, I didn't have any mood to be involved in the actual festivities. I had something else in mind. A night with Xander and followed up by another day of shopping/something

Yesterday night, I wanted to finish things off fast so that I and Xander could go to a restaurant in Andheri where delicious pork (once Xander's favorite, now mine as well) is served. But things didn't turn out well delaying my exit from the wards.

I carefully avoided the gang of fellow residents who were setting fire to things in the bonfire they had made for the occassion. I managed to escape with a bag without attracting attention to anyone. On the way back, I got some 'beef fry' from the Mallu restaurant that I'm frequenting these days.

When I reached Xander's place, it was around 11 pm. I knocked and I knew he had guests. His colleague and friend Perry was also there. Perry is the guy who like guitars and stuff and is considered to be a might-be member of our future band. They were drinking beer out of great looking mugs. The music was on and loud and the TV was showing a movie on a local station.

Xander seemed to be a good mood and took up his photo collection from a suitcase and was explaining his college life with the help of them. I got my bass plugged in and started with the riffs of Alien Ant Farm's cover of 'Smooth Criminal'. I joined them and had some beer in between.

When finally Xander took the guitar up, it was around 12 AM. The light was turned off and the room was just lit by the blue, serene haze of the light inside the aquarium. Then we played some amazing music, the most memorable being 'Nutshell' from Alice In Chains' unplugged. WOW!

Both of them got drunk and slept without having dinner. I had my weird tasting Mutton Biriyani watching an episode of 'Friends'. Then, I too dozed off.

We got up late. We ordered for breakfast at McDonald's. After jamming for an hour or so Xander lost interest. I took a bath and invited Xander and Perry for hanging out at the mall. Both were uninterested. I took a few text books from the cartons and left the apartment with my Discman.

Another day had just passed when I met Xander without seriously discussing the 'issues'. In between, in his drunken state, he had said something about the band dream 'not happening'. But then, how can I take that as a sane thought?

I usually don't do much of photoblogging. But I have started that with my last photopost - direct from my mobile. This one was retrieved from my mailbox. I got this in a mail sent by Mr. Steve Bass (PC World Editor) via his Yahoo egroup 'risque'. Go subscribe to it. It is awfully funny!

Mar 14, 2006


Mumbai skyline at 6.51 pm from the 11th floor of my hospital building. The actual view is even more attractive. Such views make me feel about the fact that instead of enjoying life out there, I'm doing silly pointless paperwork in the hospital. But then, if nobody knew, that is residency.

A new timepass

In between the boring servant jobs that we do in the hospital, we (the residents) waste a lot of time. Once upon a time, my 'guru' (the then-registrar) asked me to keep some text book and read it. I didn't take it seriously at that time. But now that seems to be the best way.

I've decided to start reading some book or the other at the time I wait in the X ray department to get radiographs done. There have been days in which we have had to wait there for 6 hours to get mutiple X-rays done.

Mar 13, 2006

A Desktop?

All these months, I have been thinking about ways to get a laptop - beg, save, steal and what not. Yesterday, I realized that what I would benefit more from is a desktop. First of all, it is much cheaper. I can do my sound recording, editing. Then I'll have the option of TV also in it. I think I'll go for that very soon.

But for that, I will need to save. I don't know how I'm going to do that.

Mar 12, 2006

Getting back in track

Today was different. I rejoined work after a bloody long gap of 12 days. Work was light as the wards were near empty. During the afternoon, I shifted back to my new room. That's the second time that I'm shifting to the same room in 45 days.

Then, there was this awesome sincere, straight-from-your-chest speech by our Strike Co-ordinator who tried to clarify the 'cloud' at the end of the strike. By 'cloud' I mean a lot of issues which didn't turn out to be the way we had hoped for.

I was impressed and the speech totally extinguishe my personal 'Cloud'. What happened next was insane. Personal issues, anger, rage and near-chaos and a near-fight as well. At the end of it all, didn't leave a feeling of satisfaction.

Personally, I think I could do a lot with the 4 K more that I'm about to get. Better wardrobe, More investment in music etc are some options.

In the night, I went out for food actually, but ended up getting to near-drunken state. Then I tried shagging at my room of course. Didn't work out.

Haha... fun day!


When I came out of INOX, I took my mobile phone from my jean pocket, opened the 'Opera Mini' browser and typed in frantically in the 'Google' search box and clicked search. I made sure that my friend and room partner N was not saying this.

When were started on our way back to the hospital, I piggy-backing on N's bike, I was trying to sort through the search results. I was disappointed that nothing seemed to be relevant enough. And then came the expected dreaded question 'Kris, I didn't understand most of the story. Can you explain it.'

I started explaining and the story immediately started becoming clearer even in my head. I managed to not give myself away though and I was proud of that fact. But, I still wanted to search more. Now I gave the search option 'Syriana Spoilers'.

If you guys think that my intelligence levels are par with imbecility, then, you are wrong! Definitely! Because I didn't mess it all up! I still got majority of the story clear. But I must admit that I was struggling. I have this habit of doing that. Maybe I'm not concentrating enough on the movies. There, I would like to also point out that the whole point in watching movies is to relax. Or so, people say. I don't think so. You should brain your way around the plot mah lil baby!

Anyways, I finally found a cybercafe near the hospital and got around to understanding the whole blood story. It is just awesome!

The movie deserves the 4.5 stars it got in Times of India today!

Mar 11, 2006

A break to watch the Oscars

Today, I took a break from my routine for the past 11 days. I wanted to so badly all these days. The difference today was that the computer and the internet was down at the office where we do our 'strike work'.

Although I wanted to watch 'Capote' more than anything else (I found another reason for me to watch that - I learnt that the protagonist was gay), I was disappointed to know that it was off the mumbai screens. But there was 'Crash' in Regal at Noon. I went with my present room partner and Dr. P (the last guy who I came out to).

'Crash' was simply awesome! I mean, nothing to say. From start to end - breath taking. The plot and the characters were woven intricately that it reminded me of 'Pulp Fiction'. The best part for me was the part almost at the ending where two beautiful songs stole all my attention away. The first one was sung by a lady (I'm yet to figure out/find the name and singer/songwriter). The voice so powerful, it almost left me wondering why there should be anything more beautiful than music in this world. The second one was the Stereophonics song "Maybe tomorrow".

Although I went to see one, I couldn't resist the second one which was up next - 'Brokeback Mountain'. It should appeal me for obvious reasons. But again, it was really beautiful. The second part was just awesome. The best part was the phone conversation in which... aargh, I'm not going to spoil it for all of you queers!

A great day anyway. And I think we might end the strike today!

Mar 10, 2006

The fizzle out...

In every Strike, there is a peak. I think we have reached that two days back. Every newspaper had our stories in full page-spreads on Monday. It carried on till Tuesday as well. I had the gut feeling that if we can't achieve anything on these days, then we aren't going to achieve anything after that.

Yesterday, I thought things were getting discoordinated. The spirits seemed to be waning. The efficiency of the strike juggernaut was going down. Needless to say that it scared me more than the others because my career is on the line here, I wanted to put things back in their place.

I am totally overworked, I must admit that. I hold a very important position of the stenographer/internet co-ordinator in our college. I'm busy through out the day and I get a dozen different instructions by the hour.

But thanks to the very efficient media managerial team, I'm saved. Actually, I'm very happy because I gained many friends in this strike. I found more creativity in the medicos than ever before - the amount of thoughts that must have flown for the creation of posters, articles, slogans etc. is simply mind boggling.

I finally found out great persons from within the hospital. I can't divulge names now but I will detail them as and when time comes.

I felt amazing being in the hotseat once again. Working as a team is what I have always wanted. That too, without the hierarchial system.

I think I have too many wandering thoughts to be put on a single blog post. So I'm quitting now.

Mar 8, 2006

The best blonde joke ever

This has to be the Best Blonde joke ever.

Creativity comes to the fore


It is such a paradox this. Strike is defined as 'a group's refusal to work in protest against low pay or bad work conditions' or 'the mass refusal by employees to perform work due to certain grievances. If an agreement could not be reached, workers could strike, or refuse to work until certain demands were met.'. Whichever way you look at it, a dull situation. Negativity, depression etc. all seem to be part of the process of a 'strike'.

But take note of this. When the resident doctor community went on strike, I get to see Creativity everywhere - awesome posters, attractive captions, great street plays, delightfully constructed articles, impressive websites, pages, blogs etc. If there hadn't been any strike, I wouldn't have been able to see these. I wouldn't have been able to meet up with such brilliant personalities.

The paradox is that something so negative can spark so much of positivity!

The day when I got covered on the newspaper

As I had expected, I read the words that I had uttered a day back. Not all of it was how I had told it. Some new words, some new meanings. But still, my words on the page 3 of a quality newspaper! Yeah, I'm famos! Mommy, Daddy... look who came on the newspaper!

After all the crazy shit that dished out above, welcome to the calmess that defines myself; something which I experience these days. Today, I think I was the 'celebrity' of the college or the 'toast' of the college. Everybody was saying things like 'Kris, you are the star!', 'You are on the hot seat' etc.

Sometimes, I think they are making fun of me. Then I realize that I'm enjoying it. Now, how can someone enjoy someone else making fun of him? Therefore, in conclusion, I would like to point out that all the evidences so far presented suggests that the problem is in the victims mind itself.

I think I just confessed that I'm mad. And this post certainly stands for what I just confessed about.

Mar 7, 2006

3 interviews, 2 new blogs

Big! Finally I think I can define it.Because, today I was in the hotseat. And I stumbled on to two other queer Indian blogs.

What hotseat? Well, I was the hot property of the media. I got interviewed by three different reporters from DNA, India Today and a local Marathi TV Channel. Why? Today? What did I do? Well, it so happened that I was the only candidate who had received the eviction/rustication letter from amongst those who were in the hospital campus when these reporters came.

Honestly, I was so stiff. I mean, I wasn't relaxed. The proof will come tomorrow/this week when the articles get published. But still, I got into mags/newspapers baby!

There were reasons for me to be stiff in the sinful sense as well. While eating my breakfast comprising of an Idli Sambar, 2 Bun Maskas and tea, I eyed a hot medical representative all around. He is the moustached-smoker phenotype. I don't know if anyone else would understand the lingo. Fair, good features, great smile and an okay body. Such people seem to have great posture by default. Later on, I shagged thinking about this guy... having sex... with a woman! I don't know why and I can't explain it. But I'm aroused by men, who I think are hot, having sex with women.

Later on, I had a good time being the computer guy representing the striking doctors. Those guys who hang out with me daily (for all the newspaper replies, press releases etc) are fun. All seem to be educated and enthusiastic. They have good grasp of computers and English and computers and have a good sense of humor. Especially, those guys from Psychiatry. Dr. T, my unofficial shrink, was amongst them.

For the second consecutive day I had 'Mallu' food for a meal I term as 'lu-nner'- beef fry and chappathi at this small restuarant nearby. Feels so nice!

Then in the night, despite the fact that my official blog crashed partially, I was able to find two very interesting blogs from India. Ridgeet's Blog is so well written. The other one is of a queer medico - Freudian Invert. The coolest thing about the latter is that, apparently I was an inspiration for the creation of it... just like how Search for Love in Manhattan had inspired me about 2 years back!

Mar 5, 2006

Rusticated - a martyr's story

Finally, the administration has dealt it's supposedly 'deathblow'. It has rusticated 50 doctors from each hospital in Mumbai and asked them to evacuate the hostels within 4 hours of the notice. I happened to be one amongst them - A martyr. Reminded me of 'Rang De Basanti' a lot!

I didn't have any other choice but to empty my room and shift back to my old room. I don't know what I should feel like. On one side, Xander's repsonse is still confusing. On the other side is a very slight fear about my career!

The strike meanwhil has intensified and has reached all India level. Our blog is doing well and I'm getting a lot of appreciation for my hard work.

More men and update about Chuck

These days, with nothing serious on my mind except for the strike, I'm getting more time to think about men. I'm browsing more porn on the mobile internet. I'm able to admire the beauties amongst the police force deputed for the striking residents. Plus I'm having a crush on two persons within the residents.

Both are well known front runners in the strike. One is an ugly looking jerk almost. But there is something lazy and sexy in his voice, accent that I love listening (but not looking) at him.

The other is a hottie! His moustache (Bhagat Singh lookalike) and a great smile are assets. But the crowd-pulling politician like speeches in the most articulate political hindi that I've heard is what really attracted me. He gets such responses from the crowds!

Besides, my Servant Fantastico is also displaying his wonderful torso occassionally!

On a more serious note, Chuck is going to become a father! Yes, his wife is about 3 months around, he said. On the negative side, his brother and his wife are heading for a divorce. Chuck is going to try one last time to reach some settlement between them.

Mar 4, 2006

Explanation from Xander

Today morning, in a reply to an SMS sent by Xander which read
'doc, sorry for y'day. you ok?'

I wrote 'I am busy. I was shocked by what you said yesterday.'

He replied 'Good, now u get a taste of your own medicine, hits hard doesnt it? Thanx for all your timely help too, dont bark if you cant take care of the aftermath, its no wonder ur losing gud friends, u expect without givn, independence is not humane, but INDEPENDENCE ROCK is another thing, hell, even u shud agree t2 that, u wrote these days urself, victim to ur selfish vision, need self re-affirmation. im willing to give our wierd relationship one last shot, are U? Busy fuck'

I was shocked again to say the least. I waited till I got some time in the night to reply to him saying that we needed to sort this thing out by talking one on one. I had also asked something like 'Why are we doing this to each other'

He replied 'Ur doin this, no WE! do U understand? i had tried to put... fuck, i dont need 2 justify my actions 2 u anymore, do what u feel like, im off 2 sleep, gotta get BUSY myself ! G'nite

I'm totally confused as to what to do?

Mar 3, 2006

Xander's response

Yesterday, we were about to receive the termination letters/evacuation from the Corporation. Although everyone is assured that these are tactics to scare us and segregate us, I still had fears of harm to my belongings. So I called Xander up later in the night (around midnight) before the notices were supposed to be issued by the Dean.

He was totally unaware about the strike and other developments. I thought that it was typical of him, so unaware of what is happening to the outside world. He said he can't make it. Didn't say any specific reason first. When I called him and requested again, he said that he was sleepy. I said that it is very important for me and that I can't do it alone. He said that he's not coming.

Honestly, I was very disappointed. I was even ashamed to tell it to my sister/friends about this.

Mar 2, 2006

Help us in our strike


You may or may not know that the residents in the state of Maharashtra are going for a strike regarding various issue. The Government has not offered a permanent solutions to our prolems in the discussions held so far.

So, we have decided to continue on the strike. The Government has evoked MESMA against us. But we are not giving up.

But we need support from every possible source. Please support us by sending e-mails to ministers, newspapers, talking to TV channels, Radio channels, commenting on websites and blogs etc.

We have our own blog as well Kindly visit us and give your support.

Mar 1, 2006

Deregistration from the university

We are hearing rumors that the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai has decided to take action on the striking doctors. It seems that all of us will get show cause notices somewhere later in the night.

Meanwhile, I've finally got involved in the activities of the residents association. My computer skills give me a prime job in making press statements, updating the official blog and sending e-mails.

But this is so tiring. I'm not getting even time to sleep. I cannot even think of blogging on this personal blog!