Feb 28, 2007

Coming out online

Today was another first to me. I had recently joined a online community like Orkut called Facebox. One of my former band members had sent me the invite. I had joined the site a couple of days back. I had given my orientation away at the profile.

Today, one of my old friends from Pre-Universtity College, started chatting to me on Orkut. We first chatted like how long-time no-sees would chat. Hi, how are you and all that crap. Then he asked me if I really meant what I had written at Facebox. When I asked him to clarify, he said he was referrring to the orientation.

I said yes. He said that I was brave. And asked me who all knew. I said that most of my friends and my sister. He asked me how I was dealing with my parents and the pressure for marriage. I said that I was about to talk to my parents about this and thereby 'letting them down'.

Then he replied 'I am so worried about breaking down my mother'.

I was sort of surprised. But still, I had a smile on my face when he touhgt of the way he came out to me. I helped him again.

Now, I have one each friend from School, Pre-Grad College and Med College who are gay.

Besides, that I spent a lot of time reading up the newspaper and online resources to catch up on the last two days when I was deprived of the internet. I had planned to watch one of the Hindi movies today. But that didn't materialize. Instead, I fell asleep watching a little of the movie 'City of Angels'. Nicholas cage stars in this. After Ghostrider and the bloopers associated with it, I now perceive Cage in a different light. I think that he's kinda dumb. I don't know. My feeling only.

Evening, I did some shopping. A new bucket, mug and soap powder. I caught up with Ray. He didnt' have anything major to converse about yesterday as I had suspected. I talked to my sister who might visit Mumbai in 10 days time.

In the night, after finishing my work at the hospital, I went to Xander's to listen to the new tune that he had come up with. We jammed that tune which sounds promising. Parry was almost drunk and didn't actively jam with us.

I still remember that day when I had talked to Parry about talking to Xander about quitting drinking. Parry had said that he would quit as well. Now, look at the scene?

Before I left back to the hostel, Xander confided about the indisposition that GS is having who is recovering from it. I can't divulge too much but it seemed an after-effect of the unsafe sex that they were having.

Feb 27, 2007

The long surgery and the Oscars

Today morning, I didn't think that the surgery that I was washing up to assist would be this long. Yes. It was about 11 hours long. It shouldn't have been had my professor be not so elaborately meticulous. The problem with surgeries is not for the patient but for the the team at work. You can't concentrate for 11 hours. You feel bored.

Apart from getting bored, we get tired, hungry and sleepy. But, still somehow I carried myself and was able to feel okay at the end of the surgery. But not before my professor taught me a lesson or two in suturing surgical wounds. During that time, I distinctly felt the kind of substance that he's made of. Solid, solid base made by years of hardwork during med school and residency. He must not have a hobby like me during that time I feel.

Before I left the hospital campus, I had got a call from Ray who said he was drunk wanted to talk to me. I said I'll call him up once I finish my work. Immediately after that Xander called me and said that he had made a new tune. I asked him to call me later as I had my work left pending.

My work finished at around 12. After that, I was too tired to do anything. But yet, I came back into the room and learnt a lot of bass of the two Tool songs that I'm working on; 'Vicarious' and 'The Pot'.

I was totally frustrated by the fact the internet was down for the second day in running. I didn't have the newspaper with me as well. So pissed with all that, that I actually ended up reading about the Oscars on my mobile phone using GPRS.

I was immensely pleased with the fact that 'The Departed' got the best picture and Martin Scorcese got the best director awards. I was sort of amazed by the other awards. But now I want to watch 'Little Miss Sunshine' and 'The Last King of Scotland', both releasing soon in Mumbai.

Feb 26, 2007

Honeymoon Travels

Today was a nice and easy day. The emotionally tiring weekend's hangover got over because of a nice night's sleep as today's round was late in the morning. After an unventful round, we headed to the OPD. In an effort to have a quick bite before the OPD I found a new roadside vendor from down south who made wonderful 'thattu dosa' just across the road from the hospital.

The OPD was heavy and was a mind-wrecking misadventure. That drained me once again. After finishing the round fast, I went to see if I could get tickets for a movie. Id didn't want to head back to room where I hardly have any freedom these days. Thankfully, I got a decent timing and a nice movie.

I watched a virtually unheard about movie called 'Honeymonn Travels Ltd.'. Not the run-of-the-mill Bollywood mantra. It is different and quite funny and entertaining. I'm not giving away anything but the differnt thing is that they showed the homosexual feelings in a couple of characters in a good light.

It was heartening to see that. After the movie I came back and finished my work for the day.

Feb 25, 2007


I'm on a movie watching spree or what? Today, against the usual plan of jamming on a Sunday, I left early for the hospital. I looked up a little bit of the X-men trivia on Wikipedia. After finishing my morning round, I didn't go back to Xander's. Instead, I lied to both Xander and S. saying that I was busy with hospital stuff.

Instead, I went for the movie 'Undertrial'. Not rated too highly, but the concept fuelled my curiousity - Accusal of incest. The movie, with a little too much of bollywood fills like cheap songs and cheap jokes, was good. The dance bar business was kinda well highlighted.

And the feelings of a dad when his children do things which they don't to see them do are well portrayed by the actor.

That sort of gave me an uneasy feeling. Were my folks going to feel bad about me being gay and being promiscuous? Well, whatever!

Then I came back and watched 'X-Men 2'. Then I read up the rest of the Wikipedia articles about the X-men series.

Needless to say, I more and more fascinated by the Marvel Universe now. I want to read the actual comics now.

Feb 24, 2007

Moody Saturday

Today's Operation theatre, although delayed, was otherwise uneventful. After my night round, I headed to Xander's place. But things don't feel right. I am obviously pissed off by the problems that I am having with my roomie.

It is so obvious that Xander and e-boy start asking me why I was so out of sorts. I say that it is mainly due to the fact that I'm denied freedom in my room.

We try jamming but then things don't work out. We quit after some time. And end up eating dinner and watching 'X-men 2'. I, the fool who hasn't watched the Prequels to 'X-men - The Last Stand', distinctly felt the underlying concept to be thrilling.

I sleep off watching that.

Feb 23, 2007

Roomie trouble

The depressing nature of my life these days is mostly because of my room mate and the problems with the computers. I can't do anything that I want to in my room. Can't play guitar. Can't practice. Can't record. Can't play music loud. NOTHING. ABSOLUTELY IRRITATING.

My computer crashes. I delte the spyware stacked in my hard drive. In return, I get a lot of problems with software not running etc.

The worst of this is that my Nokia to PC software is not getting installed. That means that I can't update my playlist on the phone. Neither can I transfer my photos from the phone to the PC.

Feb 22, 2007

Magneto - Magnetic

I love X-men very much. There is something about the characters that I like. And from my point of view the most seductive characters are ummm... well, not to anybody's surprise, 'The Wolverine' and 'Magneto'.

I love Hugh Jackman's portrayal of 'Wolverine', I have written about him sometime back.

But even more interesting is the charmingly authoritative nature of 'Magneto' donned by Sir Ian McKellen. A little looking up on the Wikipedia revealed, much to my surprise and pride that, McKellen is gay and a gay right activist.

Now, I see things in a different light.

Feb 21, 2007

'Ghost Rider'

Yesterday night, I had realized that there was something horribly wrong with my computer. Everything was slowing down. PC hung every half an hour. Today, after my morning duties, I came back to my room bent to find why and correct it. As S. had suggested a couple of days back, it was SPYWARE!

I had 109 infections in my computer and after a lot of time (and freeware software), I finally got rid of them. In that process, I started backing my mp3 collection which was occupying half of my Hard Disk space. I took a nap late afternoon.

In the night, I got a surprise offer to go for a movie premiere; 'Ghost Rider'. I had looked up yesterday that the movie was horrendous. But yet, it was superhero movie from the Marvel comicworld. Besides it was a nice hangout with all four of us from the band.

The movie was stupid. The plot was stupid to start with. The acting and animation were equally bad. I was so happy in the end that I didn't have to dish out money for this movie which I would have otherwise done.

At the end of it all, we had fun cracking jokes on the movie and the story. The best one was, as expected, by Xander

'Imagine if we went for camping, we could call "Hey Johnny!' .. he would huddle up after inflamming himself!'

Feb 20, 2007

Woof... Wolverine

I don't know why it is the same for everyone. Xander, Parry and S. all have something in common with me. Wow! I'm talking about the fact that 'Wolverine' is the most favored of all the characters in X-men.

For me, Hugh Jackman looks amazing. And then, the so-woofable, beard/sideburn, makes me wanna grow one. A little pre-independence British style I agree.

But totally adorable.

Besides, I have this habit of reading up on X-men characters on wikipedia on my mobile phone. It's so much interesting!

Feb 19, 2007

Black Friday

Well, that's not the title of my Day (which is Monday). I watched the movie called 'Black Friday'. It was chilling and astonishing cine-documentary. But a little too lengthy I feel. I don't think that it moved me as much a 'Parzania' which is based on the similar riots in Gujarat.

I'm not giving away stories about the movie. You can read it up on the internet.

Otherwise, S. joined his job. I rang him up in the evening. He said it went fine. I caught up with Ray and Ranjith on the phone. I did a lot of computer work for my professor once again after we found that the data that he had stored in the office computer was deleted, to our dismay, carelessly by another associate professor on the faculty.