Jan 31, 2006

Fired by the boss

Today, I got firing from my boss for not taking photos of his surgery. The reason why I didn't take photos was because I was not getting the space for focussing the camera on the operating field. Besides, the camera was out of space on the memory card and the battery was running low. All this made me go to the side room which was cooler than the operating theatre. I was also talking to a servant at that time.

Anyways, I got myself fired. And screwed really. Partly my fault. Partly the situation. Otherwise, things went well for the day.

Less confusion at work

Although it seems almost impossible to believe, the actual fact is that the hospital work is definitely better with the single registrar. The other registrar has taken a leave for attending some function in his native place. That reduces a lot of confusion, ego etc. And we are more organized. So much for the overloaded work routine!

Jan 30, 2006

Assisted scopy

Today I did something that I didn’t think could pull off successfully. I assisted in an Arthroscopy case. I didn’t exactly do it like any other expert professional would have done. But I think I did well enough to at least learn. Although I did hear lots of scoldings from sir about mis-handling his instruments, I think I earned a little respect from his point of view. I’m happy I did this.

Jan 29, 2006

Shopping and gaiety

When I went to May, I wore the recently purchased Nike full-sleeved Tee Shirt. She thoguht I looked very gay in that. Apart from that she and I found out so many things that confirmed my 'gaiety'..

  • Clothing, well fitting, undersized
  • The small bag that I carry; it's apparently effeminate
  • Hot chocolate
  • Sweet items

Is this true?

May's dilema

It's been a long time since I wrote about May. She's just given the entrance exam and is shifting back to quaint Kerala. This is because her Dad's retiring. The happening thing in her life is this marriage proposal. She thinks that the person's is okay. But there are some points in his academic career that she would like to clear off. Besides, their individual futures may not gel togthers.

She was packing for shifting when I went. In all this confuion, she's finding it hard to study for the comings tests.

After a long time, I went to downtown on my bike and met her. She was busy studying but we talked long. It was fun.

Birthday party

It was my co-houseman's birthday today. I decided to buy him a cake and throw a surprise party. I had to buy an egg-less cake (which doesn't taste good at all) because of some strange 'upavaas' day that they observe here in Maharastra. I bought candles and arranged everything. Finally, when it materialized, it was rather dull. My friend say that he didn't expect this and he thought that this was all silly. Well, thanks for all my efforts which easily went to the drain.

Jan 28, 2006

Hot sweeper

My room is on the ground floor of the hostel. The first floor sweeper has always been an attraction to me. His mustache and feet, oh delectable they are. This past Sunday, I was able to catch him in a towel. Oh baby, muscular shapely torso, wonderful forearms and hands plus the attitude. He'd just finished his work and was about to take a shower. And guess what, he went into the one next to mine. What transpired later needn't be detailed I guess.

Jan 27, 2006

First ticket

Doing crazy things means that you'll have to end up paying for the craziness. Quite literally, yes. After my blogging yesterday night, I was coming in the cold night when I missed a no entry sign and went into a one-way. It was near the high-court premises where police is always there. They stopped me and politely informed me about the traffic crime that I had just committed.

I tried to pull myself out of the mess by saying that I'm a doc and all such shit, but they didn't fall totally for it. Finally, I ended up paying bribe of Rs. 100 for avoiding a ticket.

For all those who thought that the policemen who stopped me were hot, all of you are wrong. All of them were young Marathis without too much of 'features'.


Today, I did the craziest thing. Just to check mails and update my blog, I travelled all the way from my hostel to South and am typing this at a cybershot just by the side of the Taj. It is about 1.30 AM in the night and I have an emergency tomorrow. But I'm so happy that I have some internet access so late in the night.

Jan 26, 2006

Great Republic day

Republic day meant that I slept till 10 AM. I took a shower and came to the ward and finished up most of the important things before the 'he-bitch' came. He took a prolonged round but still I managed to finish urgent stuff so that I could make it to the apartment. It had been some time since I visited Xander.

On the way I did some small errands and also bought some snacks for filling our tummies. At the apartment I found Xander's new television stand and the aquarium he had bought recently. The TV stand looked expensive but I didn't bother to ask how much.

After some munches on the 'Vada paav's that I had brought, we started jamming. Xander was into AC-DC's 'Back in Black'. We tried two songs from the album. It sounded good. But even better was about to come.

I wanted to play 'Stars' by Switchfoot. I looked up the bass and guitar tab for the song on ma moh-bile and we ripped it. Whoa! The bass line is awesome. I felt so good learning something good and new.

Apart from the fact that we jammed with Xander doing the vocals almost perfectly, there was one funny thing that I have to mention. Xander repeatedly asked me to first learn and then play the bass line along with the song. I felt that he was trying to see if I was still good enough for the band thing. Not that he was looking for other options. But somehow it made me feel that my busy schedule which prevents me from going there frequently made him feel that I have lost interest. That's why he was so curious to see if really played it the way I felt I wanted to.

Whatever, it was heavenly. I felt good. So did Xander.

On my way back, I bought a wonderful ash colored Nike full sleeved T-shirt. I thought I looked good in that.


Although it isn't as grave as I make it appear, but due to my time mismanagement I'm unable to update the blog like I would do otherwise on a thursday. I'll try to do it later on as I think that this week is worth blogging about.

Jan 25, 2006

Going out without money

Today evening, four of us residents, decided to go out and eat. We went to a place which is the 'adda' of people who liked Tandoori Chicken + alcohol. Only when we alighted from the taxi did we realize that none of us had enough money. Then, I took a taxi to the nearest ATM and took out money from my Dad's account. Only when the taxi took a U back to the hotel did I find my bank's ATM just across the road. Now, what am I going to tell my parents?


One of my roommates, who went to get engaged last week, brought a packet of jilebis from South. Those are very unlike the ones we get in Mumbai. I love them. Nowadays, whenever I go into the room I eat them without any control. I think I'm going to get fat soon.

Jan 24, 2006

Opera Mini

Recently, I installed Opera Mini, the wonderful browser for smartphones, on my mobile. Since then, it has been almost a heavenly bliss to get some free time. I can almost read anything anytime. And that too properly. The Times of India also had an article on it's computer section about mobile browsers. In that Opera Mini was ranked as the best. No wonder!

Jan 23, 2006

Handing it back to he-bitch

Today evening, I finally talked with the 'he-bitch' about the fact that I can't work with him if he's unreasonable like how he was. He didn't react abnormally. In fact, I think that it would work better for me that I finally told him about this.

Friends and more

May's just written an exam and she says she did okay. I hope she comes through. Another close friend of mine during our study sessions got married this week with another classmate of ours. The funny thing is that I didn't even manage to wish him once. Not even after. I don't know why this is happening.


If something gross needs to be painted here, check this out. One patient (who I happened to operate) needed a 'wound-check' after which, if all goes well that is, she would be discharged. I did the check with my best shiny white apron on just before I went into the OT for the days surgeries. Unfortunately, this wound was infected. As I tried to extract any discharge that the wound might cover up, bloody water secretion spurted out and got splayed all over my apron and face. One drop also fell on my lips.

For the patient is hopeless news. Think of me as well. I can't take a shower or change the apron before going to the OT. I kept that apron on till the day's end when I got time to go to the room.

Jan 22, 2006

Sunday mess

I expected to do something good today. But I was left with taking serial Xrays of two patients all by myself. For each film I took I needed to walk 10 minutes to the Xray department and develop them. The whole process for each X-ray took about 40 minutes. I did a dozen Xrays. That left me with almost no energy. I opted to sleep in the night.

Jan 21, 2006

Weird saturday

I didn't know what to do in the morning after yesterday's incident. I decide to go to the ward. The 'he-bitch' turns up and doesn't speak a word to me. Throughout the day, he does things that I'm supposed to do and sort of re-emphasizes the fact that he is efficient and I'm not. For the jobs that I'm supposed to do, he calls my co-houseman and informs him to inform me. I mean, this is crazy right?

But I continue to do my work. After all, I don't want to screw my co-houseman up.

Jan 20, 2006

"He" gets bitchier, I get suspended

Picture this. I'm at the emergency seeing about 7 patients. Three patients whom I've asked to wait are repeatedly bombarding me with awkward questions like 'When are you going to see us?'. My co-houseman hands over a patient's file to me and asks me to take a high-risk consent for a possible amputation of the arm. I am writing that when one of my registrars asks me to prescribe something to a patient which he can do by himself easily.

I decide that I have to do the consent as fast as I can. I complete the sentence that 'I/we, the patient/the patient's relative(s) have been clearly explained by the possibility of an amputation of the limb at a suitable level and are willing for the surgical procedure'. The other registrar, formerly referred in this blog as the 'he-bitch' grabs the file from me and checks the consent.

After he reads what I have written, he shouts at me 'What sort of consent have you taken? What have you learnt in the past 9 years. Can't you not even take a high-risk amputation consent?' and throws the file back. I'm pisssed. Really. I can't control it. I return the file back to him saying 'I don't know.' curtly (I supppose).

In the few seconds which pass later, I was told to get out of the emergency and to get lost somewhere. I do that. Soon, the 'he-bitch' instructs my co-houseman to call me and to do all the dirty work of plastering throughout the emergency. I'm banned from the OT as well as wards from the next day onwards.

What on earth is happening?

Jan 19, 2006

Turning point for the good

Recently, our department has been in the newspapers for all the wrong reasons. Irregularities of payment, lack of xray facilities, faulty implants and what not. There was this heated debate at the department today where the HOD decided that there should be strict guidelines as to how to instuct patients to get the implants. If that is enforced, that would so alleviate the cumbersomeness out of my life these days.

Jan 18, 2006

The farmhouse invitation

This surely has got to be the most bizarre and huge thing that has occured in the sex front since I came to know about Ray. Mr. Lion, who still keeps in touch with Ray, wrote to him about an offer. Apparently he has an elderly friend who is a bisexual. He has a farm somewhere where he has sex with his mechanic's wife. He has invited Mr. Lion to go and have some 2 on 1 sessions. Since, Mr. Lion is not at present in the frame of mind to do it, he has suggested Ray's name. Wow! I actually read the mail that Mr. Lion sent to Ray. It was so hilarious. At the same time, it is serious business. Ray hasn't decided yet. But now that his exams are up close and personal, he would have to put this aside for some time at least.

Jan 17, 2006

'So Cold' by Breaking Benjamin

"So Cold"

Crowded streets are cleared away

One by One

Hollow heroes separate

As they run

You're so cold

Keep your hand in mine

Wise men wonder while

Strong men die


Show me how it ends it's alright

Show me how defenseless you really are

satisfied and empty inside

That's alright, let's give this another try

If you find your family, don't you cry

In this land of make-believe, dead and dry

You're so cold, but you feel alive

Lay your hand on me one last time

[Chorus x2]

It's alright [x9]

Jan 16, 2006

Breaking Benjamin

A couple of days back I was listening to the music on my mp3 player and suddenly I heard an acoustic version of a familiar song which I had heard over and over again on WorldSpace. It was so lovely but I couldn't put my finger on the band or song. If you are actually wondering why I didn't just look at the title, I didn't get the time to check.

Today, I searched the player when I had my free time and finally found out the song. 'So Cold' by Breaking Benjamin. The acoustic version is so awesome! Just please try it out (for those who are into Modern/Alternative Rock). I read some reviews as well. All are five star. Maybe I need to buy their album.

Jan 15, 2006

Dirty scooter

I haven't given my scooter a wash for the last 8 months. And it shows. I mean, people look at me in such a strange fashion when I ride it. Pigeon/crow droppings and all kinds of shit. I can't help but use it. I think I'm going to get someone to wash it soon.

Jan 14, 2006

Added vigour

Normally, on a post-emergency day, I feel very tired. Today, I did wonderfully well and managed to finish the humongous list given by one of my seniors. That felt good. Maybe I'm improving.

Jan 13, 2006

Bad Friday

Our life is doomed as there are no radiology facilities in our emergency department. We have to act like radiologists and technicians and have to run around for developing Xrays of patients. Sometimes, I think it is so ridiculous. But can't help it.

Jan 12, 2006

Exam duty

I don't know if this is something like a break but I was posted for conducting exams for final year students today. That meant that I could hang out and have some re-laaxed time. But the whole thing was spoilt due to my sleepiness after the whole-nighter yesterday. Now, I'm struggling to sit up straight as I type this. But I have maintatin this blog!

Jan 11, 2006

15 Park Avenue

Today was an off day for me. Eid day is a public holiday and that's why I got an off. I planned so much for this day. I hoped that I would catch up with sleep, watch a couple of movies, clean my room, hangout with Xander and what not. What transpired after is unexplainable. I didn't sleep, I didn't clean my room, I didn't hangout with Xander etc. Instead, I went with friends to 15 Park Avenue. The main attraction for the movie was the rave reviews I had read about it in the papers. Page 3's memories lingered on to make us go for Rs. 200 tickets at Nariman Point's INOX.

The movie was quite slow. Not that dragging I must say (despite me being sleepy during the movie). I thought that both Konkana Sen and Shabna Azmi acted very well. The story was also interesting. The ending was thought provoking. The movie tried to give insights about the life of a schzophrenic in the eyes of the patient as well as the society. But still, too long. That's why I give it only 3/5.

Jan 10, 2006

The worst worsens

My luck has hit rock bottom. All patients who aren't supposed to have problems are developing. No matter how hard I try, things always seem to be going down the downspiral of a simulative 'black-hole'ishlife. Nothing is going right and I know it's partly my own fault. But I can't help to not commit those. Anyway, trying hard to be positive.

Jan 9, 2006

Wedding Crashers

IT's been a long time since I went to a good English movie. That's why I want to badly see 'Wedding Crashers'. I don't know when I'll be able to but I hope to make it on Eid day. I hope I find some super hot men in there.

Jan 8, 2006

New Speakers

One of my roommates had gotten a pair of 'local' speakers to the room today. They are almost hopeless, but when they are turned on loud, bass is okay. I connected my WorldSpace (password activated). After listening to it, I didn't feel good. But the rommmtaates will be happy as there is lesser chances of Alternative Rock being played over the radio.

Jan 7, 2006

Old friends are out of touch

It's a pity that I don't get enough time to do anything. This means that I don't even get time to wish someone as close as Dr. A (my closest study mate during the entrance last year) on his engagement. Now, his wedding is up in 2 weeks and I can't even think about asking for a leave. Forget it, I didn't even wish May the very best for her exam today! How the hell can I have sustainable relationships with friends?

Jan 6, 2006

Ray's paycheck

This has got to be funny. Ray, my dear friend, went to one of his 'cruisades' yesterday. He got to do a handjob on another guy behind the shadows in a dark corner of a movie theater. After the act, the man he was servicing put his hand in the pocket and took out some paper to wipe 'things' dry. Immediately after that, he gave a cleaner piece of paper to Ray. Ray took it and distinctly felt something different about this 'tissue' like paper. Soon he was to realize that it was a Rs. 10 note. Hahaha... He was paid, that too in such measly fashion.

Whatever it is, he enjoyed it very much. Apparently, so did the recipient.

Jan 5, 2006

The coffee vending machine

Since I work in a hospital which is in an area full of hospitals, there are occasions when I have to visit the neighbouring ones. One particular cancer research hospital is number one on this list. One of the attractions there is the coffee vending machine which dispenses Coffees like Espresso, Capuccino etc. along with my favorite drink hot chocolate. Whenever I get time, I try to sneak in there and drink something. It feels absolutely heavenly. Add to this the pleasure of watching hot hot older men. Wow, I bet you can't understand how I feel about it. I was just thinking whether to make this my favorite menspotting area in the future.

Jan 4, 2006

The barber

There is a saloon very close to the hospital... about five minutes away. It has never been crowded the three times I have visited it. There is a friendly 50 year old man doing stuff. He is very friendly and does everything gently. That gives me loads of comfort and pleasure. I usually start dozing off about five minutes into the hair-cut and the barber was surprised to to core as to why this would be happening. Yesterday, after my short nap, he positioned in such a way so that my hand was touching his crotch. Memories flooded of the stories that Ray told me about his cruising days. Anyway, I didn't do anything. I just asked if there is the facility of shampooing. He said no. I was disappointed and I hope he was too when I didn't initiate anything with the opportunity I got.

Jan 3, 2006

Can you please...

Sometimes I get so horny in hospital, that I feel like a slut. All I can think of is sex during these times. If I'm in the OPD, I usually ask questions like 'When did the pain start?', 'Is it better' etc. I think one of these days, I'm going to a 'Can you strip for me sir and let me fondly grab you and lick you?'

What's so shitty about the hospital

The carryover of yesterday's work left be high and dry in the morning. For the fifth consecutive day the alarms didn't work. I felt so bad today morning when I got up at 7.30 am around 2 hours late. I had to finish a lot of shit before I could relax and be good for round.

But still, I managed to finish about 80% of what I was supposed to finish. My seniors rang me up when they didn't find me in the ward where I was supposed to be at 8.45. But for a change, they didn't fire me outright from the start. That gave me some breathing space.

There were obviously some glaring omissions in my work (unfinished). There were no outbursts resembling nuclear explosions from anyone thankfully. But still, I felt bad. Why is this like this?

Things are so shitty with this hospital. Really? I'll give you two instances today.

  • Blood Bags - There is an acute shortage of blood at the blood bank. If a patient who's to be operated needs blood, then it is upto us (the housemen) to mobilize blood. Talk, bribe the blood bank officers, call up private blood banks, threaten the relatives of the patient that if they don't pay for blood from such private blood banks the patient wouldn't be operated etc. Long story cut short - lots of big time effort to get blood. Once you get it, you are never sure when you are going to be needing it. It can be on the day of surgery. Or three days after. If I return the blood, there's no surety if I'll get it back. Therefore, we keep it at refrigerator in the ward.

    Now, the ward head sister is so bitchy that she makes an issue of blood kept in the refrigerator every day. Every morning, she bitches around like crazy. She threatens me and my co housemen saying that she'll send complaints and issue memos against us. We do a lot of shifting of blood bags to OT refrigerators etc. where we get time with the refrigerators.Since they are closed in the nights, we have to keep the bags back to the ward fridge.

    Today, the sister complicated things in the middle of the mess in the morning. She wanted me to dispose the bags immediately. I send the blood bags to another theatre Somebody from there sends the bag back. The bags reach back the ward and I'm supposed to return these to the blood bank in between my boss' nerve wracking round.

    This all makes me think - Why should we work for the patients so much. Let the blood not be there. Let the patient not get operated!

  • After the round, I go to the office. I have to type some cost certificates for patients. That's really not my job as the clerk at the office is on leave. As I start typing one, a friend of mine arrives. He needs to type one for his patient. He's helped me a lot. So I decide to type his. One of my seniors interrupts me in the middle and says that I need to go immediately somewhere. That somewhere can wait. Seriously. I wouldn't take more than 10 minutes to type the shit and take the print out. And they would be the ones shouting at me for not doing it later.

This is the shit which we go through every day. And I don't think I should find any reason for not feeling disappointed at the system.

Jan 2, 2006

The jacket

It was so comfortable wearing that jacket which I bought yesterday. Awesome feeling. I wore it over a Tee Shirt and under my regular labcoat. It must have looked odd but I can't help it. I hope the winter stays on for some more time cuz I love wearing it.

Stupid photography #1

A snap from Kerala when I had visited last time. Now, how can the Government be spot on when it comes to describing it's own department.

Jan 1, 2006

Beginning January with Xander

After that wonderful new year's eve, I got up at quarter to 1 pm. I had taken special off for this occassion. Despite getting irritating calls from the hospital (I hate getting calls when I'm out of the hospital), I kept myself in a great mood. We had decided to shop for some clothes/shoes in the afternoon.

First we hung out at the Subway outlet and ate some very expensive International Subs. What I hate about Subway is the fact that the sandwiches are so cold. I came to know only recently that the Sub sandwiches are meant to be eaten cold. Anyway, I didn't enjoy the sandwich too much.

After that, I and Xander (for sometime, Shri was also with us), checked out jackets for me, clothes for us and shoes for him. In the search, I was surprised to realize the enormous liking of myself wearing a jacket. I loved two jackets and I wanted to buy both. But didn't have enough money. So I bought a jacket/sweater thingie which looked totally 'Grunge'. Dark chocoloate brown, witch patchwork and it looks totally 'Nickelback'ish for me.

The other one was a faded, grey/black denim jacket along with a pair of Levis #530 jeans. I didn't have money to purchase either and I left them for later. Meanwhile, Xander bought a full sleeved T-shirt, couple of pairs of jeans, undies and a pair of okay looking shoes from Woodland.

It was so much fun. I hated it when I had to go back to the hospital.