Apr 28, 2005

Old friends, new place

Before I left my home town, I had worries about continuing the wonderful relationships that I have been having with my closest friends Dr. R., Ray, Chuck, May etc. I spent a lot of time talking to them about this. Everyone tried to console me saying that we can catch up over phone.

It's been about a week and a half since I came here and I can already feel the strain in the phone conversations. Especially with Dr. R. I mean, if we sit facing each other we could have conversations for hours about practically anything. Through the phone, the conversation is so superficial.

'Hey Dr. R., how are you?,

'I'm fine and you?

'Yeah, I'm great. Enjoying the city. It is so beautiful. I wish you were here to see it.

< *PAUSE* >

I say 'Come on tell me what's up there?'

'Nothing much. The usual things.'

'Come on, talk something more. Didn't I tell you that phone convos are doomed.'

'Don't you know that I can't speak just like that. I have to see you to open out.'


'Okay then, I'll call you later.'

Isn't this insane?

Apr 26, 2005

Socialite in Mumbai?

Today was the best day of my life in Mumbai. First, I spent travelling up north to find some place using my Eicher city map. It was so easy with this rocking map.

Then I went to Nariman point and got my British Library Membership transferred. I browsed through the collection and dug out Alan Hollinghurst's 'Swimming Pool Library'. Then... brace yourself, I started reading the book sitting at Nariman point watching the sun set! Isn't that poetically romantic!

Then I went to the launch of a book; a debut novel by an Indian author called Rana Dasgupta. The novel is titled 'Tokyo Cancelled'. It's about a flight to tokyo which got cancelled. The passengers are stranded at an airport in Courage the Cowardly Dog's place. 13 among them find fairy-tale-esqu story telling as a form of communication. The book is full fo 13 stories in that fashion.

The function itself was orgasmic. Awesome hall. Great crowd. I could see high-society everywhere. The writer spoke about the book and read a passage. It was awesome. Then we had a little snack + wine session. I had red wine and snacks. Then I spent time talking with the writer! Can you imagine!

Wow, I spent a lot of time calling up Ray, Dr. R. etc to detail my day!

I'm gonna love Mumbai!

First post from Mumbai

I don't know where I finished last time. I'm right now enjoying it in Mumbai. I have finished the official procedures in the college. So a big load off my mind.

I'm staying with my good friend Lestat. I'm sharing an apartment with him. It is the first time that I'm staying out my home and I was sort of anxious to find out how I would find it. I'm very happy to say that I find it extremely enjoyable doing what I'm doing now. That's mainly because I'm very comfortable with Lestat. Although we have some issues between us like Smoking and Drinking and his somewhat lackadaisical daily routine, we are getting along very well.

I had come out to him about a month. That must be the reason why. Besides we have a great rapport between each other. We jam very well as well. Oh, if you aren't aware, he's my bandmate. He writes songs, sings and plays guitar. His first two attributes are just great and he's working on the third.

Right now, my colleague JAK is staying with us as well. There are some issues ther e as well but they are not worth mentioning now.

The main thing is that I find Mumbai very very very attractive and seductive. Just roam out to any place on the seafront in the evening and you will enjoy sights which are so friggin beautiful that you could write about 34 poems at a stretch each and every single day. The colors of the night sky, the amazing trail of light from vehicles, Victorian architectre, well-maintained roads/gardens etc; everything is so fucken awesome!

This is why I love this place. And I'm not even gotten close to the art scene yet. A couple of dozen good movies are there in theatres at any given time. There are art museums, theatre with plays, libraries and many such stuff round the year. I'm going to have to find time to explore them in my future whole life here.

Another awesome thing, I'm not missing home at all. I'm just missing the company of Dr. R, Ray, Chuck, May etc. I talk to them over phone. But that's just not like real time talk. But I guess I gotta take that in stride.

Sexually, I have not even started trying. The biggest landmark of me coming out to Lestat and he accepting me is over with. Although we haven't yet talked in detail about this, I think the situation is okay. At times, he drive me nuts saying that this is not what I want. I guess I will talk it out sometime later.

I plan to venture to a meeting of gays and lesbians the coming weekend. I hope I can pull it off.

Meanwhile, my course starts on the 2nd of May. After that, I won't be doing regular blogging. But I'll try to do my level best to give an update or something of that sort.

Honestly, I've so much to write about that I can't believe that I'm going to finish this post now. I'll try to get some stuff typed at Lestat's computer and then post it.

Till then, I'm back exploring this wonderful place!