May 31, 2004

Friend who wasted a chance

It has become some sort of ritual nowadays; can't sleep without watching two movies. Watched "Erin Brockovich" on HBO in the night. Thought the dialoagues in the movie were fantastic. Even if it was a real-life story which should deserve a lot of sympathy, there are parts in the movie where you would wish someone could just give a whack to Julia because of the way she behaves. If that was the point that the movie intended to convey, it has done that tremendously well. Earlier, you could have seen me coming out a theater very disappointed about the movie that I had to endure - called "Murder". It's a movie in Hindi and it was remarkable how the director managed to turn the movie from being bad to bullshit in the closing stages.

The movie was supposed to be a sex thriller. But all it did was to help shed the inhibitions of my friend who shared with us his first sexual experience. Mind you, we are from a very conservative part of society in the place I live in. Therefore, don't get yourself excited too much. Actually, I'm brining up this because I wanted to throw light into a couple of idiosyncrasies. My friend told me that he wouldn't get excited if someone sucked on his nipples. He also shied away being at the giving end of a blowjob. Come on! How can this be possible? I am wondering if these are attractive to me because I'm queer. I hope (and I'm sure) that it's not!

By the way, I'm planning a trip to visit my sister. I might end up seeing her in a week from now. Another thing that I noticed today - I think I'm more comfortable being with my college friends than with those who I share common interests with eg. music. I'm really wondering why such a gigantic change is occuring to my personality.

May 30, 2004

Two Great Movies

I went through the second half of the topsy-turvy "Pulp Fiction" to start off the day. Wow, what a movie! Great ending and it's very funny in a grave sense. But, as I have posted in another forum somewhere else on the internet, I thought the F-word and the graphic violence were accentuated to levels which ended up tainting the movie. As I began searching online for great movies to watch, I stumbled upon JRR Tolkien's epic; Lord of the Rings. A few days back my dear friend, who's is an avid reader, suggested that I should read the book before I watched the movies.

I was very anxious to get my hands on the book and had to hurry through my chores to get to the library. I got the paperback monster of the book of the "trilogy" (which actually it isn't. It's supposed to be six books and indices). I visited my friend wearing the short-shirt which he had bought me from Delhi. I love the shirt. But, there is a slight problem which is confusing. The two halves of the shirt are not of equal length. The right half of the shirt is half an inch longer than it's counterpart. Is this some kind of a new fashion statement?

Anyway, I went to the DVD rental shop and got myself "Ben Hur". I read up about the movie online and I hope to be as thrilled as the reviews suggest. But to my disappointment, the DVD is not original. Picture and Sound qualities are far from perfect.

In the night, I watched the wonderful movie "The Hours" on TV. I really enjoyed the movie and was really touched by the amount of sadness depicted by the different roles. What really stuck out was the amount of home homophilia in the movie. There are three kissing scenes involving women only. There are two same-sex couples in the movie. Wowowowow, what's this? I never thought I would so much of 'gaydom' on Prime Timve television in India.

Things are looking really up! Or is it too early to call?

May 28, 2004

The Day After Tomorrow

After all the hype about the movie, I went to watch it First Day First Show. You have to admit that all these sub-plots in a movie such as this destroy it's intended moral. When you get such corny dialogues such as "I made a promise to my son. So I have to keep it.", you will start disliking what is otherwise a splendidly taken movie. But had fun watching it and will recommend it to all movie lovers. Especially the scenes involving the city of New York drowning.

That is two movies per day for the last three days. I felt a sense of relief earlier in the morning after finishing the last part of the Godfather Trilogy. The movie was better than what I had hoped it would be, mainly due to the unexpected twist in the ending.

Spent the rest of the day with a friend with the admission to his course at the college. I got rewarded by being eyed by his father later.

May 27, 2004

At the hospital as a bystander

Do you ever get this feeling of utter worthlesness while waiting at a hospital lobby for something to happen? Well, today it happened to me when I went to see this cousin who needed emergency Laparoscopic surgery. Okay, I'll explain why...

I was rudely awakened from my sleep by a call on the mobile asking me to turn up at a blood bank as a donor. I was late in getting to bed yesterday after posting at this blog etc. The donation didn't eat up too much time. I got time to get back home and get dressed for a housewarming at my friend's home. Felt really good catching up with him and his family. A wonderful house and a great lunch as well.

Lack of sleep, a hypersomnic lunch and the bleed must have all contributed to the fact that I felt rotten during the 4 hours I had to spend waiting at the hospital. Besides, I was being bored to death by a dull conversation with the aforementioned cousin's hubby. The only good thing about this - got to stare at a few hot older men!

I had to lie to get out of the hospital. I took a nap in my friend's room at the hostel. Came back home and watched the rest of the Godfather 2 movie. The nights are becoming more boring as they have taken a couple of my favorite shows off the prime time. "Caroline in the City" and "Will and Grace" have both been replaced by "Mad TV" which doesn't match up to their standards.

By the way, any one reading my posts?

A few problems

I have a few problems in my life. If someone wanders on to this page and has a suggestion, I would be very glad to hear it.

  • I have crushes on a) A Professor at College b) A friend's father. What do I do about them?
  • I have 'come out of the closet' to a few friends. I still have to break it to my family and a few other friends.I have to find a way move to my hostel in a far-away city.
  • I have a lot musical gear like guitars, drums etc. Oh, it's getting on my nerves...

Someone helpe me!

Welcome to my engayging life

The reason why I start blogging here is because of getting inspired by another blog (Search for Love Joel Derfner's blog). There are similarities between this blog and the one which inspired me. First of all, both deal with Gay issues. Secondly, both involve medical professional (I presume). So welcome!

Today was an odd day. Most of the day I spent trying to clean up my room before I start my JRship at a hospital. That was really messy. In between, I felt like writing and recording songs, watched the Godfather II DVD and caught up on some action on the tube. There is an amazingly hot man in the movie who is acting as the villain.

In the evening, I met a fascinating gentleman who has a splendid collection of Rock classics. I was dreaming of the day when I'll meet the gentleman with the kind of musical taste that I desire. Let's hope he comes around soon.

In the night, I watched a "Catch me if you can" and bits and pieces of the UEFA Champions league finals. Great movie I should say! How I wish Monaco had won! And now here I'm rounding up my first post amongst the many, hopefully, in the future.