Jul 29, 2009

Shor Bazaar's own "Savita Bhabhi"

Shor Bazaar, my band, have just released a single based on the porn comic strip heroine "Savita Bhabhi." Personally, I believe Savita Bhabhi.com is a very genuine and creative concept - at least, from the point of view of our society. I see her as person who defied the stereotype of an Indian woman, always bound by restrictions and rules, suffocated of a right to express her feelings and desires.

It is unfortunate that our Government decided to ban the website. I feel that the echoes the discrimination towards sexual minorities. Hence, this song feels like a liberation - a tribute to freedom of expression, the freedom to be yourself.

Shor Bazaar's "Savita Bhabhi" is out for free download all over the internet. I'll list a few sites below. I request all of my fellow blogger friends to listen to the song and if possible, talk about it.. on blogs, forums, networking sites etc. If you do, please send me a link so that I can share it with the band and the rest of our fans.

- Shor Bazaar Blog: http://bazaarshor.blogspot.com

Also, these are some links to Shor Bazaar on the internet. Again, please feel free to send these across to your friends and families. Promote free music. Promote freedom!


Anonymous said...

It's a funky track, Kris! Good job!

A well deserved tribute ;)

Kris Bass said...

Thanks! Spread the message around! :) We need it to spread far and wide!

(If you can, link it up on your blog/FB/Twitter etc. :-))


Firebolt said...

Great track, buddy! I'll tweet about it (and blog, soon).

Serendipitist said...

Liberated! What is wrong with you dude. It is just porn. Nothing more. Nothing less. Feminists will tell you that porn is not glorification of women but it is a degrading concept. Porn through any medium is not liberating. Her feelings and desires you say. I really doubt if Indian 'bhabis' want to fuck a bra salesperson or two young kids.

Kris Bass said...

Well, I disagree. :)