Jul 22, 2009

Soliciting Help for Freedom of Expression

I have some great news. Noise Market is releasing our first single in a few days time. Although the song's still a secret, it is about freedom of expression! I am asking for your help for the same. I would give you the links to the pages where it can be downloaded for free. All I ask you is to spread the message around if you like it.

Do we have a deal?


Firebolt said...

Yep! We surely do. Anything for you, buddy. :)

Anonymous said...

yup we have it... so when the deal begins hehe :)

and all the best :D

Crazy Sam said...

Yes man! You can count me in!!

Kris Bass said...

All of you thanks!

Why don't you become members of Noise Market on FB and Twiter etc. And then spread the message across!