Dec 25, 2010

The French connection

I have conquered the French now as well! A handsome, intelligent professor of French literature and I went out for a night out in Mumbai today. A wonderful way to welcome Christmas. I met him at the Barista near Regal cinema. After having a coffee there, we headed to the suburbs by the local train.

We smoked wonderful hooka from a friendly neighborhood gay-friendly hooka place called “Planet Rainbow” and went to Kareem’s to have delicious chicken and mutton biriyani. Then we bought a bottle of wine and headed over to the apartment. I had already gotten in cleaned a neat for the date.

At the apartment we drank wine, smoked pipe, and had wonderful sex. He gifted me a bottle of eu de toilette from Paris!  It was truly a memorable date. I only wish I would such interesting men would be willing to stay in India rather than just visit it. I will upload some pictures soon!

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