May 25, 2007

Shootout at Lokhandwala

Today, the day started with an early morning surgery. I had to disarticulate the arm at the shoulder of a young male patient who had sustained a rail trafic accident. The surgery finished by 7 AM and I had enough time to read my newspaper while sipping coffee in the early morning sunshine at the mess.

After I showered and got dressed, I headed straight to the Operation Theatre. There I was informed that I was not supposed to wash up for surgeries as there were adequate hands. Instead, I was supposed to take rounds. I was doing that when I was called to assist another surgery.

I obliged and was happy to be assisting a relatively common spine surgery, done by someone who everyone looked up to. As I was washing up, I remembered my conversation with E-boi earlier on in the morning. He had asked me to arrange for tickets to Shootout at Lokhandwala. I asked a very faithful servant if he could do the job for me; a ticket for two at the second show at the nearby theatre.

It was the First Day of this mega blockbuster movie. I didn't have any hopes of getting tickets before the show. To my utter surprise, the servant said yes and as I was washing out of the surgery, he brought me tickets. But he did flash the news item all over the OT; 'Kris is going for a movie with a date.' he had said.

I looked at the tikets and was alarmed to see that it was for the first show and not the second. I immediately rang up e-boi and told him that there was a change of plans. He said he'll still make it.

Therefore, after my afternoon OPD, after a liesurely cup of coffee at the Tata Memorial Hospital OPD watching the Indian batsmen winding up a day of 'whacking' of the Bangladeshi bowlers, I headed to the theatre. It was almost housefull by the time I reached.

E-boi came on time and we were happy to have decided to come for this show.

Once it began, everything fell apart. Yes! Including the thousands of bullets and the building complex at Lokhandwala, everything fell apart. Bad direction, screenplay and songs. Everything about the movie was bad. Except probably the fact that it was a piece of history. I felt educated about that bit.

Also, Sanjay Dutt was amazingly sexy! Whoa! What a role he had! And what big hands does he have! Oh my goodness, I can't even think of the possibilities.

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