May 29, 2007

The snare stand and the first jam session

Today was a Monday, meaning pre-emergency. I and e-boi had loads of plans. The only problem is that on an extremely humid and sunny Mumbai afternoon, we rode all the way from the north to South to back North of Mumbai in search of a new hi-hat stand.

As usual, we were short of money, but wanted to buy the world. So we went to the Musician's Mall. Mr. Bharghava, a demi-god for me at least, granted his mercy to us poor brethren once more. On a loan of more than 10 grand, he gave us a cymbal (brand new, Sabian set and a hi-hat stand).

Excited, although understated, were we when we finally started asssembling the set in E-boi's hot-oven of an apartment. And by 10 pm we finished.

The feel of the drum sticks hitting the skin-heads was amazing. That too after about 3 years. For E-boi it must have meant something like heaven. It's been alomst 4 years since he touched a drum set.

We jammed some songs with me altenating on guitars and bass. Oh, I can't control my excitement.

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