May 14, 2007

Xander's Black being re-done

This weekend, I was free; to excuse myself out of another confusing jam-session at Xanders. I had called Parry and apparently Xander and Parry already had plans for a housewarming party at a common friends' who's getting married soon. Therefore, I was able to finish a couple of movies and the book which I was reading then.

On Sunday morning I gave e-boi a call and found in the deepest realms of sleep. I was planning to ask him if he was gonna turn up at Xanders' in the evening for a jam. He didn't say anything conclusively. Come Sunday evening, I have nothing to do and I hang out at Cafe Coffee Day with a couple of my friends from college.

We got a chance to go to the Dosa Guy near Xander's apartment and I rang up Xander to ask him if the Anna is around selling amazing Dosa's on Sundays. The answer was a no and I asked what he was upto. He said 'We are jamming.'. I ask 'Wow, can I join?'. He says 'Hell yeah, why not?'.

I rush over to Xanders and find e-boi and Xander busy working on the long uncompleted song 'Black' written by Xander. We actually had great time figuring out a bass line and progression for the start and verse.

Despite the experience, I still feel confined musicially, when I'm songwriting with Xander.

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