May 17, 2007

JackD and Google Earth

Maybe I was meant to be a sailor. But there's something about me and maps. I love them and I would swear by a compass if I ever had one. Talking about that, it's probably time that I got one. Me, my battered scooter and my Eicher Mumbai City map have succesfully completed 2 succesful years of finding out cool hangouts in Mumbai. Still I have 99% Mumbai to see.

Whatever, the point of this blog post is that I'm totally into maps. There is just the only one answer to maps on the internet Google. First it's Google maps. Then came WikiMapia. Then came the ultimate - Google Earth. You have to use it to believe it. You can twist and turn earth in views of ultimate zoomed in views and fly over the surface at heights of 100 metres etc in EVERY PART OF THE SURFACE OF EARTH! What could anyone want for more?

I tried a lot with my locale here in Mumbai. Then came the idea of trying it out at somewhere else. I found the best way was to find someone who I'm into chatting with. There comes into the scene Mr. Jack, a gentleman from Hampton Roads, Virginia. I've succesfully located his home in Google Earth right down to the tree under which his study is.

It is ultimately wonderufl, this technology, and all that it has provided us with!

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