May 29, 2007

Shifting Rooms

Today (actually yesterday night) I started shifting to my new room. It feels so great to find some space, both figuratively and literally. This new room is on the 3rd floor as opposed to the one on the 1st floor now. It's airy and more spacious and less dusty.

I think I've found a good roomie as well. I'll refer to him as BG. He's a bengali psychiatry resident and has a sophisticated way about things. Apart from our common interest in computers, internet, books, movies, WorldSpace etc., he seems like a nice guy. A drastic change from all the previous roomies that I've ever had.

I've shifted about 1/2 of my stuff excluding clothes and computer. I'm looking forward to a nice year with this guy.

Oh and by the way, T. has many a time admitted that she's in love with BG's good looks. He's actually cute. But already engaged and therefore, very straight!

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