May 29, 2007

The Ultra-heavy emergency

Today's emergency went like a F1 race. Fast. I couldn't remember anything. All I can recollect is that I'm, as usual, trying extra hard, to run a municipal hospital's Orthopaedic emergency as efficient as it could possibly be. This is almost futile because what happens is that I work extra thus giving room for the servants and the other staff to relax.

Needless to say that I enjoy doing it; or else, I wouldn't be doing it in the first place. What it does is that it makes me so tired the next day that the day is of no meaning to me.

G - spots on the guitar

Some things that E-boi sometimes tells me to get me irritated does good for me. The other day, when I was playing a Dave Matthews Band riff, he said I can't still play the 'So Much To Say' riff. That's it. I wanted to prove him wrong by learning it. I did that in a jiffy. It came so easily.

And I love it. It is simply amazing how people like Dave Matthews and John Mayer find the G-spots for riffs on the guitar.

The snare stand and the first jam session

Today was a Monday, meaning pre-emergency. I and e-boi had loads of plans. The only problem is that on an extremely humid and sunny Mumbai afternoon, we rode all the way from the north to South to back North of Mumbai in search of a new hi-hat stand.

As usual, we were short of money, but wanted to buy the world. So we went to the Musician's Mall. Mr. Bharghava, a demi-god for me at least, granted his mercy to us poor brethren once more. On a loan of more than 10 grand, he gave us a cymbal (brand new, Sabian set and a hi-hat stand).

Excited, although understated, were we when we finally started asssembling the set in E-boi's hot-oven of an apartment. And by 10 pm we finished.

The feel of the drum sticks hitting the skin-heads was amazing. That too after about 3 years. For E-boi it must have meant something like heaven. It's been alomst 4 years since he touched a drum set.

We jammed some songs with me altenating on guitars and bass. Oh, I can't control my excitement.

Cheeni Kum

Cheeni Kum at the first go was spoilt by Xander and his chest pain. Today, after hanging out at E-boi's apartment, in the midst of shifting mess, we three (us and E-boi's brother) went to the amazingly cool Fun Republic to watch the amazing Cheeni Kum.

Tabu is simply fantabulastic. The screenplay is fresh and riveting through out. Amitabh Bacchan, as I've always thought, was a little too over the board in dialogue delivery. But he's so much better than the old generation actors like Dharmendra with the fuck-all fake teeth. The oh-so-controversial 'Sexy' character is also nice. I don't think that it is a social injustice to label a 10 year old female childe 'sexy'. It is dark and it is intelligentl so.

Loved the movie hard core. 3.5 to 4 stars.

Shifting Rooms

Today (actually yesterday night) I started shifting to my new room. It feels so great to find some space, both figuratively and literally. This new room is on the 3rd floor as opposed to the one on the 1st floor now. It's airy and more spacious and less dusty.

I think I've found a good roomie as well. I'll refer to him as BG. He's a bengali psychiatry resident and has a sophisticated way about things. Apart from our common interest in computers, internet, books, movies, WorldSpace etc., he seems like a nice guy. A drastic change from all the previous roomies that I've ever had.

I've shifted about 1/2 of my stuff excluding clothes and computer. I'm looking forward to a nice year with this guy.

Oh and by the way, T. has many a time admitted that she's in love with BG's good looks. He's actually cute. But already engaged and therefore, very straight!

May 28, 2007

Raqeeb - I'll kill myself for this

I don't know why I ventured out to watch the next one in line at New Empire. The only reason that I could still think of is the fact that Rahul Khanna, my favoritest MTV VJ, was there donning the lead role. The reviews online raved about a modern murder mystery with suspense till the last.

My opinion about the movie is simple. Rahul Khanna doesn't know how to act or how to deliver dialogue. I felt like I was in 1978 when I understood the plot as it unravelled. The editing, directing and cinematography was idiotic. The story was faltoo. And the suspense which was supposed to come up last didn't come up at all. Instead, there was a lot of goofiness in the last few minutes which made me (and a few others in the movie theatre) laugh.

After all the killing for the day, I felt like slaying myself... I give a 1 out of 5 for the movie.

Ek Chaalis Ki Last Local - Bloody Entertaining

Today morning, I was still tired after the weekend jam session at E-boi's place. I tried to pull myself up by putting on, for the first time in what seems like forever, tailored trousers. I thought I looked good in them. The only problem was that I was not able to feel the tightness on my waist which has increased from 30 to 32+ over the last year, and therefore, they always seemed like slipping down. But I looked at myself in a full length mirror. They are pretty damn good.

The morning routine at the hospital was mundane as usual and I was relieved to be relieved by early afternoon. My present roomie, who has joined as my senior in the unit, did have some irritating comments during the pre-round discussion but still I was in a good mood.

After my lunch over the first 15 minutes of the hilarious 'Another Gay Movie', I decided to sit down and study. It was afternoon and I had had a heavy lunch. It didn't last for too long and I was somnolent in about 15 minutes into the session. All that I tried didn't prove to be enough and I had to fall back on my routine pre-emergency plan of watching back to back movies.

New Empire Cinema saved the day yet again for me. It was running 'Ek Chaalis Ki Last Local'. Despite the bad reviews in the dailies, I felt like watching. Just to reaffirm my hunch, I'd looked up the reviews on the internet and was very happy to read positive reviews, one of which ended like this; 'If you loved Bheja Fry, you will like this.'

As usual no spoilers. The movie is a dark comedy highlighting the clandestine ongoings in the city of Mumbai. Although there is a lot of fun in the script, it fails to rise upto the whacky levels of Bheja fry. The movie has nice twists and turns and is fun to watch. Although I must warn you, there is a lot of blood and killing in the movie... a bit like Pulp Fiction.

All in all 3.5 stars out of 5!

May 25, 2007

Chest pain de la Xander

During the interval of 'Shootout', E-boi had this idea of seeing another movie. What else could be better than a movie featuring the Big B (Amitabh Bacchan), Tabu and Paresh Rawal running at a theatre across the road from my hospital with tickets at 80 Rs. for upper stall and which is 2 minutes of walking from the theatre showing Shootout. Too tempting it seems. It actually is. Or was.

Because we took that option. The only problem was that Parry called me up and said that Mr. Xander was having some chest pain since evening. So we were not sure whether to go or to help him in case he needs to go to the hospital. So I rang Xander up.

He seemed to be drunk or getting there. I asked about the pain and stuff, the usual history taking for doctors. To be frank, I was alarmed to understand that his chest pain looked like angina, the chest pain due to ischemia of heart, or in more common terms, a pre-heart-attack. But that's about it. Nothing else was positive in the history. I concluded that he needed an ECG. I suggested that he come over to my hospital as fast as he can. He said that he thought he was okay. I persisted. He insisted that he was not going to come out of the apartment.

I knew there was no way we could do anything about it. I asked him to call him if he feels so.

So we went to Cheeni Kum. 20 minutes into the very entertaining first half, we got calls from Parry. I replied with SMS saying that I'm busy. E-boi didn't hung up once saying that we wer at the movie. We got more calls and we kept on not picking up. Apparently, Xander's pain was increasing. And Parry wanted us to see if we could do something.

Irritated, Parry sent me an SMS 'Bye guys. We will meet at Xander's funeral.' I again didn't know what to do. E-boi didn't want to come to Xander's place after the last weekend when apparently Xander insulted him a lot. I decided to get out of the movie and ring up Xander.

When I did that, it turned out to be that Xander's pain was increasing gradually. I thought I would go and see if I could get him to the hospital. When I reached the apartment Xander opened the door. He was looking alright. I checked his pulse which was steady. I asked him to dress up so that we could go reach the hospital quickly.

He did that. I was not sure if I should take him as a pilion rider on my scooter. Xander said it was fine. So we rode to the hospital in double quick time. Once inside, I got his Xray Chest and ECG done and everything was normal. It turned out to be some muscular pain which was relieved by a strong pain killer shot.

Soon Parry joined us and we had dinner. Another uncomfortable one though. I really don't know whether I did the right thing by choosing to go for a movie when my friend was in distress. On the other hand, is there anything wrong with doing ignoring an almost the almost-somatization disorder in a near-life-wreck? Maybe too strong words, but this is how I felt.

I got this SMS which meant a lot 'The relationship which need a lot of effort to maintain are not true and those relationships which are true don't need to be maintained with effort.' It isn't all that poetic and deep. But it makes a hell lot of sense to me.

Shootout at Lokhandwala

Today, the day started with an early morning surgery. I had to disarticulate the arm at the shoulder of a young male patient who had sustained a rail trafic accident. The surgery finished by 7 AM and I had enough time to read my newspaper while sipping coffee in the early morning sunshine at the mess.

After I showered and got dressed, I headed straight to the Operation Theatre. There I was informed that I was not supposed to wash up for surgeries as there were adequate hands. Instead, I was supposed to take rounds. I was doing that when I was called to assist another surgery.

I obliged and was happy to be assisting a relatively common spine surgery, done by someone who everyone looked up to. As I was washing up, I remembered my conversation with E-boi earlier on in the morning. He had asked me to arrange for tickets to Shootout at Lokhandwala. I asked a very faithful servant if he could do the job for me; a ticket for two at the second show at the nearby theatre.

It was the First Day of this mega blockbuster movie. I didn't have any hopes of getting tickets before the show. To my utter surprise, the servant said yes and as I was washing out of the surgery, he brought me tickets. But he did flash the news item all over the OT; 'Kris is going for a movie with a date.' he had said.

I looked at the tikets and was alarmed to see that it was for the first show and not the second. I immediately rang up e-boi and told him that there was a change of plans. He said he'll still make it.

Therefore, after my afternoon OPD, after a liesurely cup of coffee at the Tata Memorial Hospital OPD watching the Indian batsmen winding up a day of 'whacking' of the Bangladeshi bowlers, I headed to the theatre. It was almost housefull by the time I reached.

E-boi came on time and we were happy to have decided to come for this show.

Once it began, everything fell apart. Yes! Including the thousands of bullets and the building complex at Lokhandwala, everything fell apart. Bad direction, screenplay and songs. Everything about the movie was bad. Except probably the fact that it was a piece of history. I felt educated about that bit.

Also, Sanjay Dutt was amazingly sexy! Whoa! What a role he had! And what big hands does he have! Oh my goodness, I can't even think of the possibilities.

May 24, 2007

New guitarist/singer?

After the introduction of drums, the next logical step should be guitarist/singer. Exactly what the 'righteous' E-boi did. He did a little survey inside his office and found out a guy called Vicky. He's a modest singer/guitarist who's interested in Brit Rock.

Voila! Oasis, Coldplay, Blur, Radiohead, Snow Patrol, Keane, Travis, Muse etc! Oh and I forgot the Verve. He likes all of this and he came to our little jam session. It was a Sunday and therefore things were a little better.

The jam session sounded awesome because we tried 'Speed Of Sound' - Coldplay, 'Cast No Shadow', 'Don't Look Back In Anger' - Oasis. This is the first time that I'm ever trying any such song with my bass guitar. Plus the effect of an actual drumset is divine!

May 22, 2007

Busy till evening

After the amazingly heavy emergency which finished by 4 pm the next day, I naturally slept till late. That was till 3 AM. I then ate some cookies and drank one bottle of water. Then slept again. I got up at 8.30 AM just in time for the routine OT.

May 20, 2007

Buying the drumset and cymbals

The Sunday morning was cool. We travelled once again all over Mumbai in the act of buying the drummset. In the middle of all that we got bogged down in traffic jams and other shit. I was so pissed with the traffic in the suburbs of Juhu, that for the first time in my entire Mumbai life, I despised me of taking my bike along.

Anyways, we bought the drumset and brought it home only to find that there were hardware elements which were missing. The most glaring one was the hi-hat stand which we realized that we can't do without.

Disappointed, we were at the end of a day which promised much.

May 19, 2007

Zero and HFC concert at Razz

Wow, things are happening so fast that I can't believe. 2 days after the unofficial splitting of Shade, another big turning point in our lives. The venue was none other than the alternative rock melting-pot of Mumbai - the Razzberry Rhinoceros.

Today was a Saturday featuring Warren erstwhile guitarist of Zero, giving the generic guitar lessons to crowd. After that there were concerts by my favoritest bands from Mumbai - the Helga's Fun Castle and Zero. HFC featured Jai Row Kavi on the drums after a long time.

You can find me the left most part of the picture in the background. It was a nice show. Apart from the music, I was able to chat up with the pros about my search for a guitarist/singer.

The most important point of the day actually was that E-boi, who joined me at Razz, was totally inspired by the jam and wanted to buy the second-hand drum kit on sale at Razz.

After the show we were thankfully glad to find out that the Juhu hotel had the kit and E-boi decided to buy it. I was going to sponsor the money until E-boi can pay me off.

May 17, 2007

JackD and Google Earth

Maybe I was meant to be a sailor. But there's something about me and maps. I love them and I would swear by a compass if I ever had one. Talking about that, it's probably time that I got one. Me, my battered scooter and my Eicher Mumbai City map have succesfully completed 2 succesful years of finding out cool hangouts in Mumbai. Still I have 99% Mumbai to see.

Whatever, the point of this blog post is that I'm totally into maps. There is just the only one answer to maps on the internet Google. First it's Google maps. Then came WikiMapia. Then came the ultimate - Google Earth. You have to use it to believe it. You can twist and turn earth in views of ultimate zoomed in views and fly over the surface at heights of 100 metres etc in EVERY PART OF THE SURFACE OF EARTH! What could anyone want for more?

I tried a lot with my locale here in Mumbai. Then came the idea of trying it out at somewhere else. I found the best way was to find someone who I'm into chatting with. There comes into the scene Mr. Jack, a gentleman from Hampton Roads, Virginia. I've succesfully located his home in Google Earth right down to the tree under which his study is.

It is ultimately wonderufl, this technology, and all that it has provided us with!

Shade has split - FINALLY

The 17th of May is going to be one turning point in our lives. For one thing I came to know that E-boi had an argument or two with Xander. This must have happened last weekend when E-boi was hanging out with Xander. The reasoning of who was right and wrong is best left untold. So I'm not going into details.

The second point is that, despite half a dozen or so 'band-splits', finally, it seems at least, Shade has split. It doesn't feel all that good. Although I must admit that I feel that I have more time and space for everything that I want to do in life. That way 'Shade' and more over Xander, had occupied so much of space in my life making me almost suffocate.

May 15, 2007

Re-union of the neighbors

Things when they are totally unexpected are always sweet.

Today despite being an emergency day for me at the Hospital, I was able to have a nice dinner with E-boi and our common friend/neighbor from my home town. Ash, is what I'm going to refer to, is this interesting and beautiful lady whose family was my next door neighbor for about 7 years during my years at graduation college.

The really special thing about her folks is that they were very friendly, supportive and sporting. I used to find them so comfortable and used to spend a lot of time talking to them about life and everything else. Ash's Mom is an amazingly sweet lady who cooks the worlds best Mallu dishes. Ash's Dad is an awesomely level-headed banker with a great sense of humor. What else do you need?

E-boi and Ash had been best friends for over a decade (a line stolen from the testimonial for Ash at her Orkut page) and used to study in the same grade in School at that time.

Ash is touring Mumbai as part of a training programme and is here for a week or so. Despite the fact that I've not been keeping in touch with her apart from the occasional line online, we had a nice time.

Catching up was smooth and easy as there was not even a dull serious moment in our conversation over dinner and drinks. We pulled each other's legs until our pants came off and had a blast. Ash's friend and co-trainee was with her and all through out the 2 hour fiasco, must have felt a stranger in between three long lost friends.

After the dinner we had a dessert at Cafe Coffee Day and made plans to go for a movie on Thursday.

Oh yeah, and I had a nice time operating an interesting case early morning on Emergency.

May 14, 2007

The day when I bought Shure - PG 47

I am so happy and excited. Today, my salary came after 2 months and I felt rich again. To celebrate the occassion, I hung out with E-boi at the Musician's Mall and ended up buying a Shure microphone - PG 47 (instrument microphone).

Firstly, I had a good reading session at the library. In evening, E-boi and I plan to meet at Musician's Mall where E-boi's friend needs to check out guitars. After that we go over to 'Shaalu Musicals' and we end up buying the microphone.

I'm so excited with this that I spent about 3 hours late night setting up my Cakewalk Sonar and recording a new song. WOWOWOW!

It's been about 2 years since I recorded on a computer! 3 years since I started writing a song singlehandedly.


Xander's Black being re-done

This weekend, I was free; to excuse myself out of another confusing jam-session at Xanders. I had called Parry and apparently Xander and Parry already had plans for a housewarming party at a common friends' who's getting married soon. Therefore, I was able to finish a couple of movies and the book which I was reading then.

On Sunday morning I gave e-boi a call and found in the deepest realms of sleep. I was planning to ask him if he was gonna turn up at Xanders' in the evening for a jam. He didn't say anything conclusively. Come Sunday evening, I have nothing to do and I hang out at Cafe Coffee Day with a couple of my friends from college.

We got a chance to go to the Dosa Guy near Xander's apartment and I rang up Xander to ask him if the Anna is around selling amazing Dosa's on Sundays. The answer was a no and I asked what he was upto. He said 'We are jamming.'. I ask 'Wow, can I join?'. He says 'Hell yeah, why not?'.

I rush over to Xanders and find e-boi and Xander busy working on the long uncompleted song 'Black' written by Xander. We actually had great time figuring out a bass line and progression for the start and verse.

Despite the experience, I still feel confined musicially, when I'm songwriting with Xander.

Starting Shantaram


This really didn't seem necessary. But the amazing prose of Gregory David Robert's Shantaram which has made me change my signature on Gmail for 3 years, deserves a mention. I'll quote the same line

t took me a long time and most of the world to learn what I know about love and fate and the choices we make, but the heart of it came to me in an instant, while I was chained to a wall and being tortured. I realized, somehow, through the screaming in my mind that even in that shackled, bloody helplessness, I was still free: free to hate the men who were torturing me, or to forgive them. - From Gregory David Robert's novel 'Shantaram'

This is one of the many lines in the first 60 odd pages of a book which has so much of Mumbai that I'm falling in love with Mumbai once more.

It promises way too much. Really.
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May 13, 2007

Rama Revealed: Da Review


This book will always be the book which re-kindled my reading spirits. Although I'm don't measure upto be much of book-a-holic, when I bought this book from the Thiruvananthapuram airport for an overpriced 275/- Rs., I was thinking that I'm being impulsive. Yes, it's prequels have been the book which initiated me big time into Sci-Fi, and thereby the adult fiction, scene. Therefore they remain books which I will cherish for a long time.

All the details about the other intelligent life-forms in the unverse are amazing and confirms the Foundation Series was the only series that gets away without having to detail on the plethora of possible intelligence out there in the sky. The most interesting part of any Sci-Fi book or series is the part when they explore the way human beings evolve from the present to the future. That is, our fate!

This book falls short right at the part where it matters most. Most of the book is based on the estranged group of human beings in the mysterious spacecraft Rama; a group of people which typify everything about humanity brilliantly stupid, caringly indifferent, who are involved in the biggest intergalactic experiment set up by, guess who, God himself.

Who is God? What's the purpose of life and the universe? All these questions are answered in the last 50 pages of the book which was enjoyable until then. The answers really fell short of all measures of expectations and really made me realize that this is one of those book which are best when left unifinished.
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May 12, 2007

Life in a Metro

After a busy day at the OT where we finished of a relatively complicated case with some difficulty, I went to watch 'Life in A Metro'. I had too many expectations. The cast, the genre and reviews etc made me expect a masterpiece.

That's probably why I left the movie hall with a little bit of disappointment. The cinematography, which has the amazing life of the bustling metropololis of Mumbai as the background, is breathtaking. This becomes even more startlingy relevant for someone who has read (or started reading)'Shantaram' by Gregory David Roberts.

I don't want to give spoilers. But the life of adult professionals with an overplay of extra-marital affairs seemed normal to me. But not for the majority of the crowd I feel who were silenced by the callousness of the marriages in the movie were relieved to find the funny parts of the movie where they could laugh out, showing theri neighbors that they too were enjoying it.

The Dharmendra plot was sad with the lines losing relevance just because of his tardiness. So is the plot of bald athletic men in Radio Mirchi being gay. But the other roles were perfect and very well executed. I loved Konkona Sensharma and Irfaan Khan in their roles. Shilpa Shetty was awesome! Really, all the stuff about Big Brother is so irrelevant after you watch this movie. Shiney Ahuja was cute looking like any other 'bhaiya'.

Despite everything else, I give it a good 3.5 out of 5.

May 11, 2007

Paris Je 'Taime


On a Friday evening, I really didn't have anything important to do. I didn't know if my roomie was back and that added to my desire to go watch a movie. I was so prepared to watch 'Life in a Metro' at the theatre just a block away. But after I found that roomie wasn't there after all, my laziness took over. I dozed away reading the last few pages of 'Rama Revealed' and got up too late for the show.

Now I could either catch that or I could watch the only exotic movie listed on the papers. I decided to take the latter option and in the process, I could also check out the newly 'multiplexed' Sterling. I reached in time a little scary if I would get tickets. I got tickets so easily that I was ashamed of my fear of not getting tickets for movies.

Inside the new sterling, I distinctly felt claustrophobic. The green ornamentations looked little creepy. There was no slant in the theatre so that seating felt more like a non-existent business class jof Air Deccan. The sound was something that I enjoyed especially when they played 'Original Prankster' by the Offspring during the break. The hall was really so small that the conversations of other people to watch the movie were irritatingly loud.

The movie itself was a twister of emotions. I think there were 16 separate short films out of which most of them were interesting to watch. But some of them saddened me quite a lot. I don't know why. A few made everyone go into raptures of laughter. The rest were awesome for the acting or story.

I don't know why I felt so sad after the movie though. Maybe it was because I was worried that I was not jamming with the band. I wanted to come back to the room and sleep. And I did just that.
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May 10, 2007

My friend from pre-grad college

In the last few months I've been keeping in touch with my friend G. over orkut and G! Talk. We had studied together in pre-grad college for two years and were closer than just college mates. We used to hang out with the same gang and were known inside the gang as the couple of geeks.

Now, 10 years on in our lives, we both have realized that we are gay. I, have come out to most of my friends and am in the process of coming out to public. He hasn't come out to anyone significant as far as I know. He, in fact, came out to me when he came across my facebox page where I have listed my sexual preferences as gay. He was very surprised that I was brave enough to come out.

He's working as a computer engineer (I don't know the details) and gets chance to tour as part of his work. He had gone to Singapore recently. He had taken this photograph with his camera. I felt it was startlingly good.


These days we spend some time chatting online whenever we come across each other. He's already broken his heart after the guy he loved decided to get married.
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May 7, 2007

The feeling of wellness from within

I don't know how but somehow, I find that interacting with patients charges my emotional batteries like anything. I think it is because I'm recognized as a good person amongst them, something which was impossible to even think of till I was in internship.

Today I spent the whole of morning talking with patients and relatives. Felt really really good. Then I went and bought a new Orthopaedic text book; Current Orthopaedic Treatment and Diagnosis. It was very impulisve but I did it. And after that I spent the whole afternoon reading through various topics which were given concisely.

The evening was grand because my roomie had gone to give his exam and therefore, I was alone in my room. I cleaned up the room and was listening to some classic alternative from the 90s. I was so happy that I decided that it is time to start going to the gym. I went to the college gym which looked way below par from the private gym I went to. Still I did work out.

Once I came back to room, I started listening to songs again. But within a short time, my roomie came back. Along with him, his study-mates, the irritating bitches they are, also trudged in. This gave me no option but to take a shower and go out. I did some silly shopping during that time.

In the night, when I was planning for a light dinner and to finish my interesting, although lengthy, 'Rama Revealed', my colleague offered for a dinner party at a restaurant.

We went and had an okay dinner. The conversation was all based on the hospital working environment which I hated talking about. After that, I am now very happy that my roomie had slept.

Now I can read and type and do whatever I want. These days, just to avoid being in my room when my roomie's awake, I sit below trees and on balconies, reading books, listening to music and sometimes, playing guitar.

May 6, 2007

Spidey 3 on a Sunday


Today, after the not-so-warm re-union of our band, I felt like the lazy arse that I occassionally am. It is wonderful to just sit in my room to drink coffee, read newspaper and listen to some good old alternative rock radio. That was all because my roomie had gone home. Wow, I love it when I get privacy now.

This photograph actually came in today's TOI. On the book-review section there was an article reviewing the book 'Nirvana', written by some friend of Courtney Love. I don't remember her name. It was interesting reading the article and it has re-implanted my desire to read biographies of bands.

Anyway, this photo is quite catchy. It is my mobile's wallpaper now.

The good never lasts long enough. My roomie came back in the afternoon and after I had to go out. Instead of going to Xander's, I chose to watch Spidey 3. I went to Regal's 4 O'Clock show. I was thankful that I had decided to opt out of a shave at the barber's (after my hair cut) when I got the last seat in the 4th row from the screen.

The movie is long and it a little too much of teeny-emotions in there. And then there is a distinct 'goodness' theme in the movie where even villains have good motives. But it is still a Marvel Comic movie. Therefore, I give it 3 stars out of five.

Coinicidentally Ray also watched the movie today and he also felt the same.

I also caught up with Dr. R. after a long time. He was his usual self; uncomfortably ageing.
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May 5, 2007

Re-union which didn't take off


Don't get disappointed. On the contrary, don't get excited. Shade had unofficially re-united! I haven't been blogging regulary to keep up the tab, but yet, it had. It took about a week for Xander to realize that our dream, which was shattered in the argument, was more important than anything else in our lives. That's why I had gone back the next day to apologize. But that hadn't worked.

Whatever, today was almost the perfect day. Friday evening, too early in the weekend to get drunk, should have been the day to get going. I picked up e-boi from office on my way to Xander's place for re-starting the 'process', and Parry was there at Xander's apartment. Thing couldn't have been more ideal for a re-union.

Yet, me, E-boi and his friends had dinner over drinks, and in the process, got drunk. It was too late and almost predictably, Xander rang up e-boi and said it was 'too late'. I had to pick the call up because e-boi had gone to get his 'gutkha' sachets.

So, we didn't re-unite technically. Just that I dropped my amps and my bass guitar as Xander's place. And didn't jam. Instead, I got 'high' and I'm posting this immediately after coming back to my room.

What a day!

This day is so representative of a state of indecision, doubtfulness and irony so typified in the photograph of a adolesscent dog in my hospital campus who's picturised to be chewing my shoe while wagging its tail.
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I'm a big fan of Simpsons and the 'Itchy and Scratchy' cartoon that is shown inside the Simpson's episodes. My hospital's 'black cat' has recently started sitting by my side when I sit under the 'Honey Moon Tree', the only big tree in the campus. It is called so probably because it has been the place where friends always gather and have fun.

But that's not the heated topic of today's post. Today's post is in half dedicated to animal rights and also to Simpson's. This photo makes our 'black cat' look like 'Itchy'. Doesn't it. You can also make out clearly that some brat and cut the whiskers of 'black cat' just for fun. That's Pathetic!!

May 1, 2007

New Unit, New Life

From today on, I'm starting to work in my parent 'unit', one of the teams of doctors in the hospital, which works on the Tuesday emergency. This is my final year and I have more responsibilities than ever. This includes managing my professor and his idioscyncrasies. But I'm taking it in a good spirit.

Apart from being 'lighter' (meaning more relaxed) than the last three of my six-month posts, this is going to be the one in preparation for my exam. Besides, I'll hopefully get some time to read my novels and spend time with music in whichever way things progress.

Today is an emergency for us. But as it is a holiday and becuase the legacy of my last professor still lingers; I'm making a PowerPoint presentation for him for a lecture, I'm at the computer and not at the emergency.

Haha, funny isn't it? I'm still being 'used' for my computer skills.

Not only this, but in future projects as well, my former professor, who I'm almost in awe of at the end of post just ended, has asked me to help him out with computers.

I think I'll still be the proverbial tail-wagging bitch hoping to impress her master at each and every second of my life.