Aug 16, 2008

Two polls - the results

I thought it would be a wise idea to record the results of a couple of posts before I take them off the side bar. Here!
Should I indulge in less criticism?
  • No way, you should do more! - 4 (33%)
  • You are perfect, keep it up! - 7 (58%)
  • Maybe, it could hurt you later on! - 0 (0%)
  • Obviously, you are crazy not to have realized it earlier! - 1 (8%)
Well, I am surprised at the result of this poll really, but in a pleasnt way. I will keep the snide in me alive then!
Should I merge my private and public lives/blogs?
  • Yes - 7 (63%)
  • No - 3 (27%)
  • Don't know - 1 (9%)
Again a little surprised. The good thing is that I'm already doing it in phased manner.


flygye12 said...

i was the don't know

Kris Bass said...

Oh kay!