Aug 27, 2008

Noise Market promotion - requesting help

Yesterday evening, the Noise Market* band had an audience with our record label. We were worried why things weren't happening the way we wanted them to be. Believe me, things were really bad.
  • They haven't paid us the licensing fee, the stark evidence of which is that I am(for the second night in a row) sleeping on an empty stomach. I have some instant food at home, but I'm scared of using it up too soon. I'm rationing you see. If you are asking me how I manage to do what I do and buy what I buy, it's thanks to a credit card whose balance is now in the vicinity of Rs. 17, 000/-.
  • They haven't paid the studio. This would result in delays in mixing and mastering. This will eventually result in a delay in the release. The longer we take to release, the worser it is for everyone.
  • They haven't gotten us gigs. Most of you guys must think that bands survive by recording and album and sitting pretty on the money that is coming from sales. It's not true, we have to rehearse our asses out and play in concerts. That's where the real money comes from. So, if you don't get gigs, you are not going to make money.
  • We don't know about our future. Well nothing was clear. We were kinda weirded out. Natural, some might say if you put yourselves in our shoes.

During the meeting, for the first time in our entire history of meetings with them, we realized the woke up to our senses; we realized that we ourselves have to get more gigs. We will have to check out all the available gig opportunities all over the country (and abroad) and make at least some count. We will have to do promotion, marketing and publicity ourselves.

These are easy things to say. But without networking they are going to be extremely difficult. Thankfully, I have a rather wide-spread audience in the blogosphere. I urge all of you to help me and my band Noise Market here! Get us gigs! I'm talking about Gigs in places like Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Cochin etc. Promote us! Spread the word!

Currently, as you might presume, we aren't in a position to pay for this. But we'd be thankful and eternally grateful for your services.

For your convenience, I'll give you all the links that you can approach us by.
Please add as many friends as you can to all these social networking sites. Every word spread is going to make us more powerful and help me feed better. In a way, you guys are helping prevent poverty and hunger. Promote Noise Market!

Noise Market FAQ
  • Noise Market, what? - Noise Market is a hindi rock band based in Mumbai. We are incredibly cool as we won the western leg of a national level competition within three months of our birth. Rumors are that we didn't cry immediate post-partum. Instead, we strummed the umbilical cords and made music in the delivery room. And we were toilet trained at birth.
  • Noise Market promotion, why? - Well, the only real reason is that yours truly, the modesty called Kris Bass, is the bass (coincidence?) guitarist of the band. To sell Noise Market to others, please try the following catch lines.
    • We're cool.
    • We play original Hindi Rock.
    • We're amazingly hot. (Not just me, the entire band!)
    • We have attitude.
    • We have spunk.
    • We kick ass.
    • We kick everyone else's ass (especially all the cheesy music directors in the industry).
    • We rule the stage.
    • I play bass in the band.

  • Why, Noise Market, the name? - For the sake of privacy to the rest of the members of the band and to myself, I have chosen to use 'Noise Market'' as the pseudonym. The actual name is a translation of the same word to Hindi - or simply 'S-H-O-R B-A-Z-A-A-R'. This is supposed to be a cool thing to explain - Shor is the noise, Bazaar is the market!


Rambunctious WhipperSnapper said...

..We're amazingly hot. (Not just me, the entire band!)...

We need to see proof. All of you should pose shirtless/in compromising positions like other popular rock bands.

Just to prove it. No other interest.

And fyi, I saw an add about a rock band competition being hosted by airtel. You should check that out.

Kris Bass said...

@ rambws: Coming up shortly, those pictures. Honestly, I think the hotness lies in the minds of the beholder and beholdee. Hence, nudity is not entirely essential.

And honey, we can't take part in competitions now. We're a pro band.

flygye12 said...

i guess u cud write to these MTV 9x Channel V etc etc...these guys cud get u to be their artists of the month etc...write in to some advert music companies u cud compose songs for them (Pakistani jal did it for Cornetto so i don't think it is a despo attempt)....all the big colleges etc have huge concerts etc. like all the medical colleges in delhi (india?) have a very great concert at AIIMS they have huge sponsorship n all. maybe tie up with SPICMACY etc... find out how other bands do it...palash sen looks helpful (at least shakal se)...there's never a harm in writing to each n anyone concerned with music....bebe just got Shreya Ghoshal to sing some for some 30 second ring tone for one of his clients the lady made a cool 1 lakh for it....

but again...get a job..bhookhey pet neither bhajan hoye gopala ( nor MD or Gigs) !

Kris Bass said...

@ Fly: We are getting in there anyway in a couple of months. I need gigs honey. And I need contacts. Do you have any? Palash Sen bowed to us after our gig! ;) And we're already doing jingles. Maybe Bebe can network us, can he?

(Thanks for making me realize how worthlessly stupidly moronic I'm about managing mylife.)

Anonymous said...

A bit difficult to introduce your band if we have never heard your stuff...

Kris Bass said...

To anonymous: That's exactly why we have our MySpace page. Please check that out!