Aug 23, 2008

Sweetness from New York - part 2

Last time I posted something about Vinokur’s sense of humor, people acted overly excited and emotional and responded with mushy comments. I was impressed both at my narrating skills and my fiance’s sense of humor. It made sense to pursue that angle and today, I got a little dose that I'd like to share.

To kick things off, my apartment was in total shambles! Again? If you ask how it gets back into such a state every now and then, I can only guess that if you just start being a little lazy and don’t tidy it up every day, it is prone to get dirty. Shoes, clothes, newspaper, dirt, the late-rat dropping behind stuff etc. Shit happens, you see.

Procrastination worked wonders until late evening when I decided to hang out with Vinokur on Skype. Don’t smirk! I know my life ain’t all that ‘happening’! It was Saturday-fucken-night, in Mumbai that is. Yet, I was at home, alone doing my chores! But, it does help when you have someone to talk to when you are doing that.

So, in about 4 hours of time, I did the entire apartment. I was interrupted by visits by Rob and S. We had to talk regarding the band and stuff, you know. And in between, I and Vinokur were talking about topics like how he was sure that all gods were Jews and hence, my delusion that he was divine looking was not so misplaced.

I was winding up my routine by mopping up the floor. For a poor southerner like me who is used to such routines since childhood, mopping is done without a regular mop – the long stick like thing with fabric at the end. I use a cloth and dip it in a bucket of water with some cleaning solution and do it with bare hands, squatting. Yes fellas, I do that!

As I was mopping up stuff and getting closer and closer to the computer, I suddenly felt naughty. Well, I and Vinokur like doing role play and stuff. No, not too kinky. Just the master, slave thing; he the Gora master and I the Indian slave. Fits in perfectly, believe me. I asked him to describe what he was seeing through the camera hoping that he would say something exciting that I can work with. And he said
‘Honey, you look funny. You look like a duck. An oversized, but thin one with brown skin. And you do know how to quack!’
I looked back at him on the Skype video window and saw him struggling to conceal a gorgeous smile.


Anonymous said...

just make sure you use plenty of moisturizer, the last thing you need is dish pan hands. --dh

Pooja said...


pepe M. said...

thats what ive observed in india: sons are all pampered and forbidden to do household chores!

thats very cute of you and vinokur!

Anonymous said...


So you really can quack?

**wondering how you might do it, and laughing hard :D :P lol hehehe **

Kris Bass said...

@ DH: I'll take care of that. In 20 years, I'll ensure that I'm with good hands.

@ Pooja: Thanks!

@ Pepe: We in Kerala, don't believe in this practice. We are cute!

@ BK: I can yes. Besides, I meant the other meaning of the word as well!

Prash said...

all gods were Jews

I do not agree !

Role play - LMAO !

Quack Quack Quack ...

Kris Bass said...

Prash: Vinokur asks you, do you have proof to contradict the statements - and cuts of your name from the 'to-heaven list'.

What's funny about role-play huh?

Prash said...

Well, tell Vinokur Lord Krishna is not a Jew neither was all those Egyptian, greek & pagan gods! hahahahahaha

There is nothing about role play. I just imagined your situation and that made me laugh that's it...hahahaha again !

Kris Bass said...

Just a couple of comments and my delusion about JEWS being the highest of creatures on the planet gets destroyed! Don't destroy my feelings about Muslims and older men!

Thanks Prash! Thanks a lot! (Ire overflowing!)

And don't you dare henceforth!

Prash said...

I dare not say any word here now ! ;-)

Kris Bass said...

@ Prash: What's the point in commenting then about not commenting? I mean... paradoxical?

LOL ;)