Jul 30, 2008

Unbelievable chat transcript

I was being a nice boy, reading my big chunky Orthopaedic books listening to cultured music (Jazz and Classical; this is my way of getting back at my life and my academic career [read sloggging] which denied me any exposure to the 'so-called' high-culture until now) on my satellite radio when I heard my phone buzz. I was curious to see a message from the Yahoo SMS service. For clarity sakes, I keep myself on 24/7 on my Spidey Yahoo ID so that Vinokur can get to me in case of any problems with the computers/power/internet etc.

gothamsexyboy24: do you like to suck mine?

Before I could react

gothamsexyboy24: [ding]

I replied

krisbass: No way! And stop bothering me from henceforth!

gothamsexyboy24: Ok

What do people think when they see my profiles on Orkut/MySpace/Facebook posts on my blog or GayBombay? That I am a sucking machine? Give me a break will ya? I mean, he's just 24!


The Line of Beauty said...

ohh..that's not weird at all!! I myself seem to come from Samantha Jones ( of SATC fame) school of in your face morality, and get weirder messages than this on yahoo..
( straight men are the worst offenders who fall for my nicks ;))

Kris Bass said...

LOL: but check the context! I was trying to build up culture vis-a-vis Jazz/Classical music!

flygye12 said...

15 comments!!! nice to see things startin a'churnin now !

ps: i take all the credit ;)

Anonymous said...

omg Omg OMG!


THAT could have been Batman!!

I don't believe you did not respond!!

Kris Bass said...

@ flygye12: Thanks a lot, but I, as usual, should get all the credit for the wonderful post!

@ unsungpsalm: It wasn't Batman! Come on! It couldn't have been Batman! Do you think that I could have not realized that earlier? Come on! I'm not that dorky a dork! Even if it was, why would he bother to put his age as 24! That's simply impossible. That was some fake imposter, for sure...

OMG... OMG...

Fuck! I actually messed up a chance to chat with Batman!