Oct 27, 2008

Shoonyas - the lifeline

These days, I dream about a lot of stuff. In the nightmares, I mostly end up with me on the 'loser' side technically. In the other pleasant dreams, either gigs or cricket is involved and I have a happy time in there. Coincidentally, I have a better time in the evenings and night thanks to the easing down of the relentless heat. Perhaps, the noisy kids in the building with the 'phatakas' are a reason as well.

These days, the worst days are when something or the other reminds me that I'm in the financial dipshit-situation of my life. And the most recent ones are between Noise Market Vs. the music instrument shop from where we bought some gear for the recording and live performances. We were supposed to pay on EMIs after the money from the record label would come. Since the record-fucking-label is not showing any intent of this, the shop is asking us to pay up. I get the calls and SMSes from the shop personnnel. These things freak me up!

What we plan to do is that since 3 us in Noise Market are members of 'Shoonyas', the money that comes from Shoonyas gigs will be used up for this. Shoonyas has suddenly become the lifeline for us. Coincidentally, I have a gig on the 5th of November at 'Not Just Jazz by the Bay' at Marine Drive. That will give us the money for the next month's payments. Despite this gig being on the day of the exam (the exams start on the 3rd of November) I'm happy.


Anonymous said...

Is Vinokur still playing commentator?! :)
Hope you do well both at the gig and your exam. Take care of yourself

Tazeen said...

as long as you end on loser side in your nightmares and not in real life, its ok.

Prash said...

dreaming about cricket ? wha ?

Anonymous said...

Things will fall into place Kris

Take good care of yourself!

Rated R

Reema said...

All the best for exams!