Oct 15, 2008

Back home in B'bay

Despite it being a whirlwind trip to Delhi, I felt really tired and jet-lagged. That's why I took this long to post and update.

The gig itself, a weird private performance for A. R. Rahman and a select press audience went okay. The news is that this talent-hunt/travelogue show to be telecasted on Doordarshan will be on air by the end of this year. We are expected to be a part of it. But that doesn't mean that we are competing in it. Our music, apparently, will be showcased along with the other artists on our record label.

Nobody is really sure about the money yet. We will have a meeting with the record label chief tomorrow and hope to get some more info.


the free spirit said...

Hmmmm, you dont sound that excited. Usually your posts are so upbeat after performing. Hehehehe i sound like such an expert on you. I hope the record label pays up for all your sakes.

Anonymous said...

So performance was just okay?? And any compliments from A.R ?? Just curious to know
good, you guys could be on TV :P

hopefully, you guys will have very good deal from this record. *fingers crossed**

oh, welcome back home :D

Anonymous said...

Good luck Kris!


Rated R

pepe M. said...

wow, performing with the legend AR Rahman...awesome!

Anonymous said...

Allah Rakha Rahman..woahhh..u going places Kris :)

Rahman is humility personified! grace personified!

Firebolt said...

A.R. Rahman? ... THE A.R. Rahman?

You must have enjoyed it!

Did you meet him?

Kris Bass said...

@ The Free Spirit: Honestly, I feel kinda bluesy. And besides, the burdens of life are sort of catching up on the ageing me.

@ BK: Well, he said we were good.

@ Rated R: Thank you!

@ Pepe: Thanks!

@ Swats: Well, he was graceful and humble.

@ Firebolt: Yeah, it was the real thing.

the free spirit said...

come on you are not that old and again i will say some cliched thing like...wen you sink really low there is no where to go but up :)
A R Rehman is known to give ppl breaks and I am sure yours will come from somewhere soon enuf hang in there