Oct 14, 2008

The facts revealed

After a day full of suspense and no information, we are at the venue - Taj Man Singh hotel in Delhi. It's a big function! It's the launch of A. R. Rehman's talent hunt show called The Big Band. Our record label is teaming up with the maestro for this. We are here with three other bands to perform. Check the link out at http://www.bigbandindia.com. Hoping to have a good performance.


Anonymous said...

Good luck Kris!

Do us proud!


Rated R ;)

Prash said...

Bon Concert ! Bonne Chance et Bon courage !

Reema said...

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

TAJ MAN SingH!!!!!!!

You lucky devil! Make the most of it :)

Crazy Sam said...

All the best Kris!