Sep 9, 2008

Still not washed ashore

I think my patience is all but over. For the last five days I have had the most bizarre of excuses thrown at me for my internet disconnection. The ISP had 'promised' me a restoration by this morning. I am still waiting. Feeling doomed. Watching the 3rd season of the fantastic X-men animated series with the coolest of villains! At least something good is happening.


Prash said...

I can live without TV/Video etc...but not without internet !

On the other hand, when I go for holidays. I am so glad that there is no internet...

Harish said...

omg i cant live without the internet!

I are shifting base and the first thing that i looked for in my new abode were the ISPs in the vicinity. Everything else is secondary!

Reema said...

which conn do u have? is it like Hathway cable conn or BSNL etc?

Anonymous said...

Really, get a new provider!

Though the installation charges pinch a bit!

Kris Bass said...

(Finally have my internet back!)

@ Prash: I understand and I can't too I noticed.

@ *aham*: Nobody can really!

@ Reema: I have something called Pacenet. It's decent. I mean, sans this incident.

@ Unsungpsalm: I can't get a new provider. Each area has just one (in Mumbai)