Sep 29, 2008

Random updates

  • Songs: I'm almost done with the five songs! Just a few hours of work and I'll be through! The last two songs are the electric version of 'Freezing Flames' and the re-recording of one of my old songs 'Living Your Dream'. I'm sure at least the latter is worth waiting for!
  • Studies: Obviously, they been affected by the recordings. But it's getting over and I'm glad! Now, I can read almost the entire day except for practice. That should relieve at least a few of the blog readers including my sister.
  • Ray: My (gay/bi) friend Ray was planning to get married to a woman, if you remember. I have consciously not bothered to talk to him about the matter in the last weeks. Seems no further plans have been drawn. Instead, he is kinda looking forward to meeting up with new people for a platonic sexual relationship.
  • May: She is making me proud by already getting one of her research papers published in a medical journal. I still remember that it was one of her dreams to publish as many research papers as she could. I'm so happy for her!
  • Vinokur: He is giving me the scares again by getting oversedated frequently. Twice in the last three days he's been so sedated that he reminded me of the time he was in Mumbai. After a day of heavy scolding coaxing, I have convinced him to talk to his shrink and get his sedatives tapered down.
  • Record Label: It seems that they are going down with Lehmann Brothers, Merryl Lynch etc. Their promised dates of paying us the money were for this month were the 15th and the 24th. I have lost all trust in them! No hopes on ever getting paid! :(


Firebolt said...

I seem to have missed a lot. Reading your posts now, I'm glad that your wise sister managed to talk some sense into you. You should concentrate on your music and studies, not on finding Sugar Daddies. Your family and friends are there to help you.

Even though very much I want to, I cannot listen to all those new songs you've recorded because the arse-head owner of the cyber cafe I'm sitting in has for some reason decided to firewall all audio and video streaming services. I'll have to wait until next time when I go to a different cafe.

But I can read the lyrics, at least, and A World Full of Lies sounds pretty good.

Also, Ideat Savant is a nice, nice name.

Lots of love! ^_^

Mister Crowley said...

Heh. Completely agree with you re: Record Labels. They've not paid me either. And I'm their LAWYER for crying out loud :D

By the by, if you ever need legal help vis-a-vis record labels etc., feel free to drop me an email. It's what I do for a living :)

Anonymous said...

Ohh so i too missed a lot...

anyway, don't worry, your label won't be like Lehman Bros. etc. It will come out and you will get good money soon. Just don't loose hope.


Kris Bass said...

@ Firebolt: I understand that you make sense. But when you don't have money your mind thinks a lot more weirder.

I want your opinion on all the songs. I've finished up all the recording. Five ready. I'm happy very happy about 2 songs, okay happy about 2 others and unhappy about one.

Thanks. I hope I can make Ideat Savant a big succesful project.

@ Mister Crowley: Now, that's a serendipitious encounter! I think I'm going to need your help real soon. I myself might get into a deal with a record label soon.

@ Blogging Knight: You didn't miss a whole lot. Seriously, the record label seems to be sinking!

Prash said...

could you pls define "platonic sexual" relationship ?

because, these two words don't go together !

Kris Bass said...

@ Prash: Well, he means something like one night stands and not a relationship where you have the desire to have the same person again and again.

Practically whoring. But not as cliched.

Anonymous said...


but u need to get them to pay up!!

seek help!

Kris Bass said...

Come on Chandni Da, give them an ass thumpin they deserve!

Prash said...

in his meaning...the word platonic has no sense because it means "no physical desire or relationship"

anyways...I love whoring ! hahahaha :-)

Anonymous said...

record label's are lame, it's hard for established clients to get money. please break open those books and study hard! --duncan

Anonymous said...

good work on the songs! -dh

Reema said...

sorry to hear about the record label and ur partner. Hope he is well now.

Kris Bass said...

@ Reema: He's on and off on days. But overall, yes!

Rambler said... would you describe platonic sexual relationship..interesting topic I suppose.