Jul 21, 2010

Sunday that turned on its head

When I saw Inception's trailer during my visit to the theaters to watch Knight and Day, I never realized what I was getting into. The hype was simply unbelievable. Everyone was talking about Inception on Twitter even a few days before its release -- I follow people from the media and movie industry; people like Rajeev Masand -- and some folks (lucky brats) had managed to catch it during its press preview etc. People were using all kinds of superlatives to describe the movie. I knew there was something crazy about this one.

Friday and Saturday passed by and I was stuck with my job and newfound responsibilities in life -- these include taking care of my insatiable appetite to sleep -- and I read more reviews. Almost all of them 5-star ones. RottenTomatoes.com gave it a friggin' 97% fresh rating. I was dying of anticipation.

Come Sunday, I woke up like a fuckin' pig at 1 pm, just in time to get ready to pick May up from the airport. She had come to give an exam to get into the Tata hospital. After a wonderful 'catching up' session with her where she told about how she was enjoying her post-marital life and was trying in vain to conceal how happy she was now that every piece in her life had fallen into place, I set out to Sterling -- the theater that used to be my 'adda' during my residency, which holds an uncanny mix of cheapness of old-fashioned single-screen theaters and the flexibility of multiplex schedules -- only to find out that Inception was sold out.

Disappointed, to say the least -- I had wanted to catch a minimum of two movies (out of four: Inception, Tere Bin Laden, Udaan, and Lamhaa) on Sunday -- I set across to meet Bablu, my favorite pirated bookseller at CST. I was insanely happy to hear from him that he had with him MY copy of 'Satanic Verses', which I have been hunting for a couple of years now, along with a good copies of 'Midnight's Children' and 'The Sea of Poppies'.

I spent a fortune on these three books. But I'm sure they are worth it. And I'm sure Inception will happen this week.

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