Jul 29, 2010

The 'romantic' Yahoo chat

The other day, on a personals site, I stumbled on a filter, which when disabled, gave you a bounty of 'suitable' profiles (read men) that I could check out. (Gosh, there are too many commas in that sentence). So, instead of a 20-odd men to check out, I got 100s of men any of who could turn out into a possible date. I clicked through about 150 of them and found some interesting profiles. Out of them, the standout one that read 'A writer. Would love to hear new stories'. I sent a message to this guy hoping for a lot.

The reply came yesterday and within a few exchanges, we were on Yahoo chat. I, as usual, was trying to work my humor in. And this guy looked like he at least 'got' my jokes. We threw in some references at each other. I was able to decipher most of his. In contrast, my references were dealt with nonspecifc, sometime 'funny' romantic lines.

Soon he popped in the most unexpected -- and in retrospect, what turned out to be a trap -- question:

'What would you do if we were in a cool, dark room and I said to you ''I have been waiting for you all my life''?'
I was perplexed. Seemed hilarious and I said
'I would laugh hysterically!'
That didn't go well with him. He said I had spoiled the mood and the romance that was apparently building up. I tried to recover by saying
'Of course, after realizing my folly, I would come up to you (rather 'gropingly' in the dark room, I should have added) and kiss you gently on your lips.'
He didn't like this response either. The conversation went wilder with him including rose water and popping grapes into my mouth in the scenario. Of course I couldn't keep up with the mush, and I ended up being told that I was the most unromantic person that he had met and stuff. I thought that was pretty mean. Within half a hour, we ended the chat conversation without really being sure if we would chat with each other again.

Funny. And weird. I don't know what is more appropriate to describe this chat encounter.

(*Since I started typing out this post, he has initiated chat with me. Still don't know what would happen on Yahoo messenger tonight!*)

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