Jul 14, 2010

Obesity pledge

Yesterday night, after a delightful evening (home - whiskey/dinner) with a wonderful guy that I met recently, I reached home very late. I had to stay up a couple of hours longer to make a presentation for work -- I was working on the effect that music had on work.

Things were okay until I got up today morning, showered, and tried to get into my formal trousers. I barely managed to! I was aghast -- it must have been all the careless overeating coupled with my love for whiskey nights. My waist is around 34 now -- 4 inches more than when I arrived in Mumbai.

This is unacceptable. I can already picture myself pot-bellied and balding in a couple of years if I did not step in to stem the rot. And so I decided -- a pledge -- to avoid alcohol, fatty foods, sweets, sugars, rice (I was already off of fatty stuff and sweet). This should save me from capitulation into the abyss of truncal obesity! Of course, along with this, I plan to increase my cardio routine at gym as well.

Everyone, please support me. Hoping for the best...

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