Jul 30, 2010

On the following day...

Well, I chatted with the 'romantic' guy again yesterday night. Surprisingly enough, the chat was pretty normal. I even mentioned to him that I had blogged about our 'romantic' conversation. He seemed to be pretty cool about it.

From what I know about him, I think he's someone who had a recent painful experience in love, and this painful break up is manifesting in the quasi-neurotic 'romantic' tendencies, which is something that is actually wants in a relationship. That's my pseudo-shrink diagnosis anyway.

We managed to get over all this and go cam to cam on Yahoo, and I was floored my his 'thick-as-a-brick' moustache. Also, I was able to maked him smile and laugh with my silly jokes. So, all this is going well, I guess. Touch-plywood!

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