Jul 13, 2010

Curly days are not forever

Three years of nurturing, care, and products. Yes I had curls and some wonderful texture to my hair, and my hair was as long as my shouler plus a couple of twirls. But my hairline's receding and my hair's thinning as the months pass me by. It was time to accept the reality -- the reality of aging.

When I went to the hair salon near my office (Kapil's, for all you curious ones, I was in two minds -- to cut it short as my surgeon days OR to cut it till just my shoulder. I really couldn't decide. Then, with the help of a senior stylist, I went through a brochure of styles.

As I flicked through the pages, I realized that what I was subjecting for sacrifice was a product of a lot of hard work. The price to pay to grow hair that long is tremendous considering the time. Ergo, a decision to cut my locks till the shoulder was made -- at least for now.

There were just three styles for long hair, and out of that only one looked fitting of a man past 30. And I opted for that one. As I sat on the chair with baited breath, I was trembling with excitement and sadness. And of course I tweeted for my hair (of course, I got spontaneous responses on FB).

After 20 minutes or so, I emerged happy -- well, happy that I hadn't lost all my tricho-glory, that is. Somewhere inside I felt the desire to go further and ask the stylist to cut it short -- a haircut befitting my age and hairline. But I resisted thinking that, in all probability, the coming few months will be the last with long hair.

So here I am, with shoulder length, almost-straight hair with just a tinge of curls at the end. There are some 'steps' if you take a close look from behind. And the ponytail is just an inch long. It looks okay. Not too gross. However, I wonder how long these strands are going to enjoy their remaining length.

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