Jul 2, 2010

I have been promoted!

Yay! I’m so excited to announce this to the world! It’s been a year and half since I started working as an academic editor in the wonderful company called Crimson Interactive. I have been given an ‘out-of-line’ promotion to become a Senior Research Editor. This brings me a lot of pleasure to announce this on my blog.

My bosses—at least one of whom reads this blog at least occasionally—wer extremely happy to see me successful manage and balance my two (or is it three now?) lives and emerge successful in at least one of them—in editing, that is.

Noise Market might not be turning heads as much as expected, and Shoonyas never took off from being a good band which plays within town to something else—of course, how could I forget not to mention my recent break up with Vinokur and the pain that it brought me—at least, my editing career is going places!

This promotion has given me a lot of hope and inspiration to achieve even more in my life. I so feel like saying the clichéd line of “with power comes responsibility” and killing it and myself in the process. But I’m not going to. This makes me feel a stronger person and helps me believe in my abilities.

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