Jul 4, 2010

It's official, and it's over

In 2007, on this very day, I met Vinokur. The rest, as it's often said (perhaps inaccurately), is history. We had a wonderful time with each other and carried each other in our arms during crises. Most things which would have broken to mortals apart didn't affect us. Two oceans and three and half decades of separation, mental ailments and physical ailments, and other complications related to long-distance relationships -- yes, I'm proud to say that we stuck it out together well.

Well, until three months or so back, that is. Sometime in March, Vinokur met this wonderful new man who has brought love, hope, and happiness in Vinokur's life. The progression from like to love seemed effortless. Unfortunately, I began slowly slipping away from Vinokur's life and heart until I figured out that the situation was affecting both Vinokur and I negatively.

We decided to call it a relationship. That happened on May 4th -- exactly 2 years and 10 months, of love, joy, ecstasy, of pain, disappointment, and fantasy. It is extremely hard for me to move on because in all honesty, I still love him as much as ever. But I will have to move on, and I am making my best effort for the same. My friends, thanks for being by my side through this traumatic period!

Now, on the 4th of July 2010, on what would have been our third anniversary, I wish Vinokur the best in his life with his new love. I'm sure he wishes the same for me! Now, perhaps more precisely so, we can say -- the rest is history!


Tigress said...

Hey Kris

*Hugs* V.brave and big-hearted of you to think the way you do... but then I guess its tough to let go..

Hope you dont mind, came blog hopping via chandni's.


Kris Bass said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog.

It was tough to let go, but that's the way life is.