Jul 11, 2010

The brand new Engayging LIfe

I have been procrastinating far too long. For close to two years, I hadn’t doodled with the design layout on my blog. But I knew that my blog needed a facelift. Things have changed and we all know it, and it’s time to accept the reality—Twitter has invaded my life as much as as that any intelligent adult’s.

Presenting to you (drum roll) the new Engayging Life look. Nothing big really! The single right column look has given way to a more modern two-column look (one on each column). This was done primarily to facilitate the seamless integration of my Twitter life to my blog.

I have two Twitter accounts—one for Peter Parker and another for Spidey. You can read my tweets and keep up with me and what I have been upto on the left-hand column now. You can also follow me by clicking on the links below. The rest of the stuff remains pretty much the same.

Love it or hate it, please let me know it.


raining words said...

White font on black background looks cool, but hurts my eye. Please try revising for easy readability. :P

Kris Bass said...

Haha! I'd consider revising it! :)

shruta said...

Yeah ditto to "raining words" ..