Jul 21, 2010


Finally, I did it. After the gym yesterday, I made it across the road to the movie hall and watched it. Inception, that is! It was one helluva movie! I'd probably give it 4.25 stars out of 5. It was probably over-rated and over-hyped just a little bit -- but it still remains the movie of the year. It'll probably remain that way I guess.

As everyone else, now my mind is full of wild fantasies, and I'm searching for my totems. I have read many good articles and reviews about the movie, its interpretations, and its plotholes. One among them reigns over the other. You can read in in these links: Link 1 and Link 2. This link gives also an interesting view from the perspective of gamers.

Coming back to totems -- would your smartphone serve as one? If it can, you make calls across dreams? Maybe poke the character that's left behind in the last level of dreams from your present level? Also, would your wristwatches run slower (if they are used as a totem)? Haha! Interesting thoughts! I hope there is a sequel to Inception which bamboozles the shit out of everyone once more!

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