Jun 11, 2007

A patient has a crush on me - I'm doomed

Get this. Yesterday, I got a phone call (as usual) from one of my old patient's relative (actually, her sister). She says that she needs to meet me and talk to me about the patient. I say 'Fine, lets meet tomorrow. I'll be there at so and so ward at so and so time. You can talk to me then'.

Today morning, almost by noon, this lady turns up and says that the patient is doing fine. She had severe form of Osteomalacia with bilateral femoral neck fractures and was bed ridden for a long time. I was in charge of this patient more than 1 and half years back and had not been in follow up of the patient. So I ask around and say that patient could be given physiotherapy to improve the condition.

Blah, blah, blah. Cut the crap. Get to the point.

'Doctor, if you wouldn't mind... if you wouldn't take in the wrong way...'.

'No, I wouldn't.' I'm half curious and half anxious.

'Please, go on.'

'You promise me that you wouldn't tell it to anyone else.'

'That's why we take that oath for!' I muttered.

'Actually, she likes you very much. In fact, she's in love with you'.

I caught hold of the proverbial railing on the side of the staircase by the side of which we were standing to catch myself from falling. 'That's okay. I hope she gets better. Tell her that she would become better'.

'Would you like to meet her?'

'No. Yes.. yeah, when you bring her for physiotherapy, if I'm free, I'll come and meet her.'

'But still what should I tell her?'.

I don't reply. I pretend to ignore.

'So we'll meet later. I've to meet some other patients now. Bye.'

And I walk away.

I break the oath the moment I find my colleagues inside the office. I break the story and everybody is amused and suddenly I feel ashamed of breaking the oath. Why the fuck did I do that. Besides, none of those who I broke the news to are my close friends. What was the point of doing that? Stupid me!

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