Jun 19, 2007

The conversations with Parry

It's been over a months since I went to Xander's for a jam. Now if you are wondering why I'm even contemplating that, even I'm not sure. The one thing that seems certain is that Shade is not going to work out practicable. Xander is obviously a 'differently abled' singer/songwriter predisposed to episodes of extreme drunkenness. The relationships between Xander and me & Xander and E-boi will keep on fluctuating like the the climate of London.

So that's the reason why me and E-boi have shamelessly, in super-stealth mode almost, started a new band with Vicky without even informing our previous jam/band buddies. Some might feel that this is creepy. It is even creepier to realize that the person typing this belongs to one amongst the 'some'.

So, when Xander or Parry calls, I pretend to act as if nothing has changed. Maybe they will get to understand that something is going over at the other end. Now the official excuse is that my bass amplifier is blown. Even if it were to be operational, we would still be 'recording' 'Severity' at E-boi's place.

You might get the gist of all this. I'm unhappy with this feigning. Why can't we, like in comics, go right up to each other and explain that we don't exactly gel in jamming and musical ideas. Oh yeah, I know why we can't. Because life isn't like a comic book. Forget like. There's not even one mutant detected. Forget Spiderman, Fantastic Four etc. Sorry for going overboard on my Marvel addiction!

Even today I had a talk with Parry. About 20 minutes of generic talk on how things are going on in the world, what I'm shopping, why Parry is feeling like his muscles are getting atrophied and stuff. But we didn't ask each other if either of felt not jamming was okay. Oh! Men and our clandestine ways!

And the news is that Parry is finally moving over with Xander! Whoa!

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Bhaumik said...

hey! i came across ur blog, and i quite liked it. read a few posts here and there and it's a good read. i knw u dnt even knw me, and so plz dnt mind. im thoroughly impressed by the fact that u are a vry busy doc and yet keep ur passion of music alive! keep that up!