Jun 11, 2007

Fool 'N Final - Finally Fooled

Should all Mondays go with a movie or something of that sort? Today, I had sternly decided that I wasn't going to watch any movie. But then the persistent coaxing of E-boi and tempting ticket rates at Premiere lured me into one of the darkest periods of movie history.

Fool 'N Final is despicable. Apart from Paresh Rawal antics, nothing, and I repeat - NOTHING is good. Johnny Lever's rendition of a Malabari keralaite is better than anything other than Rawal in the movie, but by goodness, that sucks even!

I watched the movie without shut eye not to miss the Paresh Rawal shots. Something about him gives me hots. Maybe the bhaiya accent. Maybe the hirsute. Maybe the Seth look. I don't know. All those son's out there, what's hot with this Daddy?

1 comment:

Tapak said...

Nice to see another gerophile here. He is hot in some of the pics. I guess it is something related to his eyes or his chubby face.