Jun 12, 2007

Dharm the movie

Every now and then, Bollywood dishes out, another classic. Namesake, Parzania, Black Friday etc. and now Dharm. It is so wonderful to watch that I couldn't help but believe what people were doing with stuff like Red Swastik, Raqeeb and the worst, Fool 'N Final.

I'm not going to give any spoilers. It's about Hindu-Muslim communal violence in the heart of Hindu land, Benares. How the story evolves is for you to watch. But Pankaj Kapoor and all the other actors really do a wonderful job. Pankaj Kapoor did look a lot sexy to me from my point of view.

The coolest part of the movie is the cinematography. Every shot is worth capturing on a DSLR camera. Really it is.

Go watch it!

3.5 to 4 star!

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