Jun 6, 2007

The new band

I don't know why I've been so late in posting about this. Over the last few weeks there have been less personal posts. That's why. I've not been getting enough time. The heat of Mumbai is draining all energy.

Whatever the excuse is. But E-boi had a ruffle with Xander about a month back. And he called his colleague from office Vicky for jamming. This happened before E-boi shifted apartments to the fantastic new apartment in Chembur. Ever since then, we've been doing steady progress at forming a new band with VN on vocals and guitars.

It's been a month or more since I jammed with Xander. I've met him a few times though in between.

Nowadays, we're assembling every piece of gear that we have at Vicky's place for jamming and recording. We are even harbouring plans to soundproof the room so that our long-term band plans materialize.

This seems so unreal. Really. About a month back, another month after all that stupid tension after the apartment thing, I'm moved so far away from my initial dream of forming a band with Xander. Now, I'm already in another band. Well, not really. But almost.

Actually, the first jam session at Vicky's was a disaster. I blew up my bass amp which has gone for repair. We also managed to blow up a guitar processor adaptor.

Today was the second official jam session at his place. Today things were much better and for the first time ever, I feel like we're progressing on our way in realizing the dream.

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