Jun 16, 2007

Breaking and Entering - !

With the Red Swastik, Fool 'N Final, Pirates - 3 and FF - 2, E-boi was suspecting that our splendid series of watching only good movies was fast fading away. We were so disappointed with watching that stupid Fantastic Four movie that we felt like getting rid of the curse immediately.

Although anything would appear better than Fantastic Four-Rise of the Silver Surfer in terms of quality in movies, Breaking and Entering provided us with more than just a good movie. It was a small capsule of the daily emotional strife of metro life without no aftertaste which drove away all the acidity caused by the aforementioned comic sequel.

Jude Law was hot. So was his friend. The screen play was catchy. E-boi liked the female counterparts. What I loved in the movie most was the they portrayed basic instincts of a teenager, a mother and a bored middle-aged man perfetly well.

Four stars!

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