Jun 26, 2011

William Shatner–I love you!

I was a bit late. But I did it. I watched all the three movies in the Star Trek (original) motion picture series. I must say that William Shatner, who broke many a woman/man’s heart with his incredible looks and acting skills during the time of the TV series and the movie trilogy, just broke mine too.

All I can think of is to get married to him. And then I look him up on Wikipedia and find that he’s married. What the fuck? Is there no justice in this world? William, at least you could have remained committed to Spock, who says to him the following with such depth:

“Kirk, I’ll always be yours!”

To get rid of all your sins, William, I advise you to fly over to India, dip yourself in Ganges three times, come to Mumbai, wash all the dirt off in a clean shower, and invite me over to your hotel room for hot sex. Only that will do!

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