Jun 10, 2011

Sense of Humor

So, I have this big date coming up tomorrow. After many months, I was finally stepping out for a date. I was excited about it. Well, partially at least. Because we had made plans earlier in the week and there was a period of incommunicado between us, I decided to text my date. I had to work up some humor.

It was a brunch date. So I asked him...

"Do you expect me to report to you at 11.30 am starving?"

To which, he replied...

"Yes. What do you like to eat? Non veg/Veg?"

I was perplexed. No sense of detection of irony. I texted...

"Everything but babies and women."

I got no reply from my date.

There went most of my excitement. No humor detected. At least on irony/sarcasm. I was worried. Worried enough to call our common friend to check up on the same. Our common friend assured me that he had some sense of humor. But it might not be up my alley.

So, we'll have to see.

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