Jun 21, 2011

The stolen Kinetic Honda

So, I get a call from the Sub-Inspector Kadam. Two years and 4 months after the last time I spoke with him last. He was using a different number from the one that I had stored in my phone.

“Dr. Krishna?”

“Yes, haan bol raha hoon.”

“Aapka Kinetic Honda mil gaya hai.n BMC ke godown main tha.”


“Kahaan se?”

“Parel, godown se!”

“Aap ko aake payment dena padega gaadi godown se laane ke liye.”

“Theek hain. Main aataa hoon!”

I couldn’t quite believe it. I had lost it on the day that I had joined working Crimson. Now it is back? What condition would it be in? How much money would I need out dish out to get it back on the road? Can it ever be in working condition?

Your past is never going to leave you alone, I tell you.

And, good job *COUGH* Mumbai Police!

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