Jun 19, 2011

Father's Day - not your kind

Today is Father’s day. A day in which people say all kinds of lovey-dovey things about their fathers. Unfortunately, I don’t have anything of that sort to share with you. My relationship with my father never took off. He was in another parallel universe altogether, I think.

The only lasting memory from my childhood that I have is my father picking up and throwing me out of the pooja room when the ball that I was playing with accidentally popped in there and I went there to pick it up. I landed about 4 feet out and didn’t have any serious injuries.

From that day onward, I knew that I was not going to get any ‘classic’ love from my father. Oh, well!


P said...

Born into a Keralite Hindu family as well. Facing many differences with the parents. Its like I can't relate on any platform.

Loving a man of the same gender since 5 years now. He of course, is the best thing ever.

However, I just wanted to tell you that I like your simple, clean and occasionally-whiny posts.

Thanks. :)

Kris Bass said...

Thanks for the comment. :)

Sorry for the delay in replying. I was away from the blog for a while.

kurious said...

Fathers and Mothers it is said .. ( wrongly or rightly ) I'm not too sure , are the root to all relationships in your life ... so if you have an incomplete relationship with your father it will result in incomplete relationships with all other men in your life ... and if its with your mother then with all other women ... so perhaps a completion of sorts ( kinda makin d peace ) , MAY help in all your other relationships .. particularly considerin that youre gay and men are gonna predominantly over women, a lot in your life .

Kris Bass said...

Well, you have a point there. But I don't think that this will affect my relationship with a man.