Jun 13, 2011

I need instructions to live my life

If I could choose one album name to define my tendency to live a comfortable life, it would have to be Zero’s ‘Procrastination’. I don’t know why I’m starting out with such a twisted sentence – I guess I just didn’t want to introduce the ‘P’ word directly. Anyhow, this morning I had the sudden urge to tell my confidante at the office that I need to do away with some of it. And I decided to give her the right to choose what I should do when. She gave me some instructions. According to that plan, here’s how it is going to go.

First, it is going to be the upgrade of my computer – a full-fledged update which would enable me to start recording . Then it is going to some much-needed additions to my wardrobe. Then it is going to be a new smartphone. Then it is going to be a new refrigerator. At last, in winter, it is going to be an AC.

Having received these instructions, I have already consulted a friend of mine about upgrading my computer. I have also passed my friend’s suggestions to my computer guy so that he could give me a quotation of the approximate price. The only bad thing is this – I had done something similar about a year back. But then, I chickened out at the last instance. I hope I bring my plans to fruition.

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